All Black Everything, kind of, not really.


Top:  Unkown {TK Maxx}
Bandaeu:  Old
Pants: Unkown {TK Maxx}
Sneakers:  Poland
For today’s Healthy Habits link up I wanted to do something a little different.  I wanted to do an outfit post but more of an athletic/sporty one.  There are days where I want to trade in all of my dressy clothing and just be casual and comfortable.  This is the perfect outfit because it’s black, casual, but the hot pink wedge sneakers and accessories give it a little extra somethin’!  Plus it’s perfect for those days where you cheat and have a food baby because the top is loose and the pants squeeze in your tummy.  I also can’t pass up a pair of pink shoes.
Notice how I don’t have my extensions in!  DUN DUN DUNNNN!
Sometimes on those lazy days I won’t put in my pretty hair and will just deal with my normal hair.  This was one of those days.
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6 thoughts on “All Black Everything, kind of, not really.”

  1. You're too too cute!!! LOVE the hot pink sneaks- you're rocking them! And you don't need extensions, I think you look super cute with your hair like this! 🙂 Also, I love that you did an outfit post- GENIUS.


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