Back to School Edition // Outfits

First and foremost, I remember going back to school and I
miss it sometimes.  I miss the excitement
of buying new clothes and new supplies like the notebooks and pretty pens.  All of this to find out that the 5 subject 5
Star notebook should actually have been a 3 subject, and those pink pens I
bought I’m not allowed to use them.  That’s
when I don’t mind being a grown up. 
Regardless I wanted to share some back to school outfits that would have
been something I would wear.

Sunglasses:  Poland
Top:  Sheinside {here}
Jeans:  Miss Me {gift from Lucky FABB}
Sneakers:  Poland
I mean who doesn’t love minions.  I have a minion army at my cubicle at
work.  Then I also have a minion in my
car that rides with me everywhere.  I
just really like minions.

Tank Top:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Pants:  Old
Shoes:  Betsey Johnson {Marshalls}
Fedora Hat:  Ralph Lauren
Necklace:  Shop Primadonna
This would be more of a casual chic outfit.  Of course when you’re going to school you
want to be comfortable but at the same time fashionable and chic.  Just add heels and a fedora and you’re good
to go.

Top:  Marshalls
Pants and Backpack:  Stella McCartney for Adidas {here}
Sneakers:  Poland
This would of course be gym class, or maybe even if you’re
just in the athletic mood.
pleated poppy

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