Carrot Cake from Scratch


Since my dad’s birthday was this past weekend I decided to make him his favorite cake; carrot cake.  After I made it, I decided to practice my fondant skills and make something that definitely screams my dad’s name.  He keeps on talking about how he wants a sailboat (so he got one for his birthday this year haha, on a cake) and he’s a coin collector so I added the treasure chest with coins.  I found my recipe from the Betty Crocker website.  I definitely am going to alter this recipe because I already altered it while making this cake.  They say to add 4 cups of powdered sugar to the cream cheese frosting which I put in the middle layer of the cake but I only put 3 and it was still too sweet.  This can also be because my family is on a healthy kick so we aren’t really used to eating sweets anymore.  Anyway, it’s a really easy recipe, and for a first timer like myself to make a cake from scratch this was definitely easy.

Then while I waited for the cake to cool off before I made the frosting I decided to play with my camera and I thought this picture came out really pretty.

Everyone, stay tuned because I really like this baking thing so I will definitely be adding some more recipes to my blog.  I might even attempt to try some cooking if my mom is willing to give me her secrets!