Fondant for the first time!


This was my first shot at using fondant!  I have been wanting to test out fondant for a long time.  Since I started by Etsy shop Jars by Monica I have found that I really like molding things with clay.  I thought if I have that kind of patience, why don’t I test that with fondant.  It’s not the same, but it’s very similar.  I think that for the first time with no research and no tutorials I did pretty ok!  Here’s the recipe and what I used.  Also, the cake is painted like that on purpose, I wanted to go for a watercolor look.

I wanted to put raisins in the filling so a little tip is to soak them in water so they are a little mushy instead of the hard raisins you eat out of the box.

Once I put the cake in the oven I had to wait.  This is what I did in the mean time.  Insert laughing until crying emoji here.


Ignore the yellow coloring dust, I ended painting the fondant pink anyway.



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