Healthy Habits//Substitutions

As some of you know I have been trying to find ways to eat
healthier and watch my weight.  There are
many things out there that taste so delicious but unfortunately are extremely
bad for you.  For today’s Healthy Habits
I wanted to share with all of you a few substitutions in your daily life that
have been working for me.

Water instead of Sweet Drinks

I cannot stress enough to people how important water is.  Yes I know you’ll be going to the bathroom every 5 seconds but trust me it’s worth it.  If you cheated the night before and ate a pizza you are definitely going to feel it the next day.  Water helps me flush my system so a full day of drinking my 8 glasses I feel so much better because all of that grease and salt is escaping from my body slowly.  I’ve always been a water drinker and I was never into sodas or juices so this wasn’t a big deal for me.  What was a big deal, was the fact that I had to drink more.  Now, drinking my regular 8 glasses is cake!  If you really need some type of flavor you can add a little bit of lemon to it.  It’ll add taste and vitamins.

Agave/Pure Sugar/Honey instead of White Sugar
White sugar is not only bad for you because well it’s sugar
but it’s been processed, filtered, and bleached, or whatever it is that they do
to it.  If I really want sugar I’ll go
for a dark or organic sugar, but if I’m just looking to sweeten something up I’ll
use agave (not pictured above) or honey.  These are closer to
organic/natural than white sugar, plus I love the taste.

Feta Cheese instead of Salad Dressing
I’ve posted about salads so much on here I know I’m probably boring you with this one but something I will NOT cut out of my diet is my cheese, but I can cut out dressing.  With this being said instead of using salad dressing that we have no idea what’s in it (unless you buy organic and you can pronounce everything on the ingredients label)I substitute it for feta cheese.  My favorite go to salad is a fruit salad with mixed greens.  The cheese gets all mushy (in a good way) because of the juices from the fruits so essentially you really don’t need salad dressing.

Greek Yogurt/Yogurt instead of Sour Cream

We all know that baked potato tastes so good with sour
cream, but that’s not what your gut (your actual gut not the expression) is
saying.  Sour cream is jam packed with
calories and even though it’s absolutely delicious I have found something that
you can substitute it with!  I normally
use greek yogurt or regular plain yogurt. 
I almost never buy flavored yogurt (not even vanilla) because as I said
above I can sweeten it with my own ingredients.
Frozen Greek Yogurt with cut up fruits instead of Ice Cream
Since it’s summer a lot of us are dying to eat some ice
cream in this heat.  I saw one of my
coworkers eating what looked like ice cream in the morning (which was 8:30) so
I asked them why and they actually told me it was frozen Greek yogurt.  I thought this was perfect!  All you do is take plain Greek yogurt, add
some agave and fruits and voila you have your own personal ice cream!
Park Far away/Take the stairs-extra walking
If you’re like me and working out is limited due to injuries
so over doing it makes you cripple, stop being lazy.  If there’s an option of taking the stairs,
don’t get on that elevator unless it’s an insane amount of floors.  Park far away.  When you go to the mall instead of circling
around for 15 minutes trying to find a spot and wasting time park far away and
walk the extra steps.  This can also save
your car because you’re parking away from other cars and no kids can “accidentally”
open their door too wide and smash a lovely scratch/dent in your door.  During lunch if you have the option of
walking, try it!  Instead of staying
inside and eating then sitting on the computer, go outside.  Isn’t that what we all loved doing when we
were younger?  We couldn’t wait to go
Now I know that I’m no expert and not licensed in anything
but these are the things that work for me. 
It’s the little things that I have learned along my fitness journey that
have helped.  So far I’m two pounds away
from my pre vacation weight and I couldn’t be happier!  When you see those numbers falling
drastically on the scale it makes you feel so good.  It’s even better when your clothes start
fitting differently.  I forgot what the
exact numbers are but I think it’s something along the lines of 5 lbs is when
you notice and 10 lbs is when everyone else notices, I’m probably wrong but
everyone has started noticing the weight loss. 
It makes you feel really good when people ask/say “oh my gosh, have you
lost weight?  You look great!”

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**Please note, I am not a licensed trainer, nor do I claim to know about health and fitness.  I am not a licensed nutritionist.  These are things that I do and in my opinion work for me, I do not know if they are harmful.

**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

4 thoughts on “Healthy Habits//Substitutions”

  1. I am WITH YA on the water drinking! It's not hard to drink the water but drinking 8 glasses a day can sometimes be a challenge for me. Between the endless trips to the bathroom and actually remembering to drink up is something I work on daily! Glad to see that it's easy for you now! Gives me hope for myself 🙂

  2. I am trying so hard to drink more water! I need to replace diet dr pepper with water.. I feel really great on the days where I don't drink any dr pepper. If only I could remember how good I feel before I start sipping on one…
    I will definitely be trying the feta cheese as salad dressing switch! I love, love, love salads but I completely negate the benefits when I drench them in salad dressing.
    Thanks for the suggestions girl!

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