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Oh Labor Day, you are quickly approaching and this means this is the last farewell to summer.  How much this makes me upset, you will never understand.  Labor Day I somewhat loathe you, even if I do get an extra day off from work, I think I would trade that day for an extra 2 weeks of summer.  I mean, I also still have vacation, sick, and personal days so I could take some days off from that extra two weeks.  Yes, I am totally cheating you Labor Day!  Anyway, enough talking about negative feelings towards Labor Day and lets think happy thoughts about the fact that it gives me an excuse to get a theme ready.  I know the holiday is a week from today but I figure some of you might want an idea for a design.  I decided to make a few different designs from everyone to chose from.  Of course I’m going to make at least one nail red, white, and blue because of the holiday being an American one but since this is the last farewell to summer, might as well do your nails with a beach theme.

So many colors to name so I’m going to make this short and just give out the brands, if you have questions about colors just leave it in the comments below.  Sally Hansen, OPI, China Glaze, Sinful Colors, Nail Chic Art pens, and 3D Motifs from Walgreens.

I started off with an ombre for the red white and blue nail, but the red and blue started to form purple (Duh Monica!) so I had to go over it again with the actual Polish itself.  There’s a slight ombre effect but at least the purple is gone!

I ended up painting the middle finger nail light blue.  The white was just to have a base so the blue would show up more.  

For the middle finger, I’m sure you can use a sponge of some sort I reached for a cotton ball before the polish dried so it had little cotton ball pieces but I took them off and thankfully it gave the ripple/watercolor effect of the nail design even more.  After this first line, you can add any other blue hues.  I chose a shimmer of different blue hues, and under that line I chose a green/dark sea foam color.  Of course you have to finish off with the sand, as seen below.

This is the fun part.  Adding all of the 3D motifs.  I chose a red bow for the American colors nail, a green star for a starfish on my middle finger, an ice cream cone on the ring finger, and a rhinestone for the anchor.

There you have it!  Au Revoir summer!
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