Metalicus Skirts Online


I wanted to show a cute outfit with one of the skirts online by Metalicus.  I absolutely love this
tulip skirt.  Anything that has a weird
shape or isn’t the norm is definitely good in my book.  I paired this skirt with a chambray tank,
cardigan, and some adorable accessories. 
Who said dressing up for the office had to be boring.  This is something I would definitely wear to
the office.  It’s a professional outfit
gone high fashion.  You have your pencil
skirt, top, cardigan, heels, and nice accessories.
I didn’t even notice this while I was arranging this outfit
but all of the colors mesh well with the shoes. 
That was not done on purpose, or maybe my subconscious mind saw the
shoes and went to work that way.  Who
knows!  Now I know what you are thinking,
why am I already posting clothes that are worn in the transitional summer to
fall season?  My answer is because before
we all know it, fall time will be right around the corner.  I feel like as soon as someone even mentions
the words “back to school” summer is almost over.  Even though I’m not in school I still feel
that way.  That’s what this outfit also reminds
me of; back to school.  You know that
feeling you get when you go shopping for back to school and you find the
PERFECT outfit to wear on your first day back? 
That’s the outfit that will shape the rest of your year, so make sure it’s
a good one ladies, and a cute tulip skirt will always do the trick!  I wish they had your first day back at school
at work too, or maybe I just want another excuse to shop.