Pinnacle Ridge Winery, cats, and bee stings

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On Sunday I went to meet up with my blogger bestie, if you
follow me on the gram (here) you already knew that!  This time for our meet up we did something a
little different.  We went wine tasting
and then we had dinner.  If you read our
previous meet up posts, (here and here) you already know that we’ve been to
Camillo’s twice and even though their food and service is great we wanted to
switch it up a bit.  What better way than
to taste some wines. 
Ellen and I went to Pinnacle Ridge Winery and DeMarco’s
Restaurant in Kutztown, PA.  First of all
the place is adorable.  Secondly it’s so
peaceful (which I love) and the people there are great.  You get to taste a few different wines and
pay only $5 for it.  Then if you purchase
a bottle you get that $5 refunded back to you. 
I decided to purchase two bottles which I thought were delicious.  I couldn’t pronounce them for the life of me
even if I tried but I know that they’re good. 



After our wine tasting and looking at the property we asked the employees if we could take a few pictures around the property and well this is what happened.




As all of you know I’m all about DIY and crafts.  Well, when I saw this spoon and the fact that it’s handmade I just had to buy it.  I was so excited about this dang spoon.  It’s already sitting in a mason jar in my room waiting for it to be showcased even nicer when I’m done with my remodel.
There were a few cats that were walking around the property and each one of them was so adorable!  There was one in the pictures with Ellen and me that kept coming up to us and rubbing up on our legs and letting us pet him/her.  I’m pretty sure it was a her.  Then there was the black cat in the above picture.  I got this perfect picture before it ran away.  I love black cats, they are so mysterious and so beautiful.
There’s this quote that I saw on instagram a few weeks back and it says “Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.”  I seriously love this girl and I mean I think it shows since we literally look like we’re sisters from another mister.  We have lots of similarities that EVERYONE keeps on commenting on.  I think we need our reality TV show and just tell people that we are related hehe.

I just had to run across the street to get some pictures of Ellen, ya know, no big deal or anything.

This little kitty was such a precious little sweetheart.  Seriously bless your heart little one.  You made mine and Ellen’s visit so much more memorable with your lovin’!

And, this is when we went to DeMarco’s.  The outside is so pretty, too bad it was about to downpour otherwise we could’ve sat outside!

Right after I took this picture I got stung/bit by a bee.  I’m slightly allergic (it swells A LOT and hurts) but thankfully since it was only a bite (I think) it just got really itchy
and I had a slight headache on my ride home. 
All in all, it was a good day minus the bee incident.


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