5 for Friday

It’s 5 for Friday again,
where do I even start?  This week was a
pretty quiet week outside of work and I don’t have any big announcements this
week.  However, I do have some things
going on, let’s talk about those shall we?

1.  The final big reveal (here)
of my hair was this week or last week if you follow me on le Instagram.  I didn’t like it when I first chopped it off
and I’m still getting used to the fact that I actually have to style my hair
everyday because I can’t just add extensions and be on my way.  I’ve perfected putting in extensions, it
takes me less time than straightening and teasing my short hair, yea weird I
know!  I like my hair better now that I
decided to take a leap of faith and go lighter. 
I needed an even more drastic change and I think that’s what was missing
because I’ve had short hair plenty of times and when it grew I was so used to
adding in extensions and I’ve been a red head or brunette (blonde for about a
month two years ago but that doesn’t count) since I believe 2009, so it was
time for a color change.  Now I’m so
happy with it and I go back in 5 weeks to go even lighter.  I have found my hairstylist for life and I
couldn’t be happier!

2.  Scarf and boot weather is
here.  I’m one of those girls who will
still wear a scarf on those colder summer days you know, the light weight ones
but this week I whipped out a warmer scarf and knee high riding boots for the
first time in a little while!
3.  Blogger Meetup is
tomorrow!  Yippee!  Hopefully it doesn’t rain because I’ll be
super upset.  This will be my third time
hosting one of these and I must say it is so much fun seeing my cyber turned
real life friends every once in a while. 
If you want to read about my first blogger meetup click Part 1, Part 2, and for my second blogger meet up click here.
4.  I finally decided what I’m
going to do on my birthday.  The other
day I posted on Facebook “who wants to ride a horse with me on October 11th?”  Not saying that my birthday is the 12th
because I don’t want people thinking it’s a birthday party or whatever, plus I
don’t really want to celebrate being 3 years away from 30 because the big 3 0
is slightly scary for me.  I got a really good
response on people who wanted to go so I’m extremely excited.  I guess I don’t want people to feel obligated
to do anything just because it’s my birthday. 
Last year was the best birthday I’ve had in a while and I don’t think it
can be topped (you can read about that here and here) so this year I’m going to be a
little more laid back and The Walking Dead season premiere is on my ACTUAL
birthday so who am I to complain? 
5.  What should be my song of
the week.  Hmm.  I don’t want to repeat from my “big reveal
post but I’d have to say Jay Z yet again.

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  1. Ha 30 is nothing to be afraid of–and you've got PLENTY of time! haha! I'm seriously loving your hair. Like, tempted to hack all mine off loving it. Have fun with the blogger meet up!!

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