5 for Friday

1.  I get to see my blogger seester on October 5th yipee!  I don’t think anyone truly understands how
excited I am to see her.  Only a little
over a week how exciting!  I haven’t seen
her since August which is really not that long ago but if feels like a
lifetime.  If you knew our friendship you
would understand why we are so attached and want to see each other all of the
time.  I read a really cute quote once
and it said maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and boys are just there to
have fun with.
2.  Reflecting.  With my birthday around the corner I’ve been
reflecting back on the last 26 years (hint birthday’esque post coming to you
soon).  I’ve been thinking about all of
my good and bad choices and all of the things that have happened.  Even though I had my fair share of curve balls
(heck I’d say they’d be curve balls to the face) but I’m still here.  Everything happens for a reason and I went
through all of the good and bad to make me who I am today.  I feel like over the past few years I’ve
grown up A LOT.  Looking back on the past
26 years I don’t have any regrets.
3.  Astrology article coming to you
soon!  So I decided that I’m going to
FINALLY do some long needed research on Astrology.  It’s something I took an interest in a long
time ago.  I was one of those weird people
that would read their horoscope everyday (at night time so it wouldn’t shape my
day, I didn’t want to have a predetermination of what my day SHOULD be like
according to a horoscope) and new that she was for sure a Libra.  I always used to ask for people’s sign and I
would go home later to see if they were a match according to the universe, oh
and if a guy is the same sign as me, most of the time I go running for the
hills.  Well, within the next few weeks I
will be doing some extensive research about the subject and I will be writing
an article about the different signs and what signs are compatible and even
from experience how similar my friends or past boyfriend’s were to their
sign.  At least I know Cancer, Taurus, and
Aquarius are interesting to deal with as a Libra.  So here is where I ask you some
questions.  I want to get some real live
responses from people so all you have to do in the comments below is say what
sign you are and either one or more characteristics that are typical for your
sign that you are definitely the epitome for. 
For example, I’m a Libra and people say Libras are indecisive but really
it’s just because we see both sides and try to compromise so both sides are
equally happy.  So pretty much when I’m
deciding whether to buy one pair of shoes or the other it takes me a while and
I end up either buying none or both. 
4.  It’s officially Fall!  Now even though I’m not a pumpkin spice latte
girl I do love fall.  It’s time to watch
those pretty leaves turn colors (great photo ops duh) and it’s time to get
puggle snuggles that keep me warm at night. 
Also, my birthday’s in the fall and The Walking Dead comes back ON MY
BIRTHDAY!  Yea, I’d say this fall is
already awesome.

5.  Song of the Week-Wobble V.I.C.  Someone sent me an email and it said OHHHHHH
and I instantly thought of this song, so this has been on repeat this
week.  Enjoy your weekend y’all!

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  1. Happy almost birthday, Monica! I'm not a pumpkin spice latte girl either, but I do love fall! Now if only Texas would catch up with the other states on this fall concept… 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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