A new season


Sweater:  Burberry {here}
Jeans:  Ralph Lauren {mom’s closet}
Booties:  Enzo Angelino {Macy’s}
Happy first day of Fall/Autumn, whichever you prefer.  I decided to sport some orange today due to
the first day of the season and the fact that October is right around the
corner!  October is probably my favorite
month, it’s not because it’s my birthday month (the closer I get to 30 the
worse I feel about my birthday) but because it’s the month where you can go
pumpkin picking AND good ole’ Halloween is something I look forward to.  I love dressing up, obviously.  I also love being crafty and making my own
costumes.  Looking back I don’t think I
ever had a store bought costume.  I’ve
always either made it myself (as a child my mom made my costumes) or somehow
made due with what I had in my closet. 
Ok, wow really off track!
It’s the first day of fall which means, it’s officially time
to get ready for colder months ahead.  It’s
time to watch those pretty leaves turn different colors and fall to the
ground.  It’s time to let go of all of
the summer clothing and stash it away until next summer, or until vacation to
some tropical island (I wish!).  Now I
know some people have this pet peeve that people call this season Fall instead
of Autumn.  I personally don’t mind
either or, I think it’s more proper to say Autumn, but that’s besides the
Anywho, happy first day of a brand new season, and bring it
on Mother Nature I have Alpaca/Cashmere/Wool sweaters to help me beat the
colder days that are coming!  

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