Dress:  Sheinside // Glasses:  Gucci // Shoes:  Vince Camuto 
Why hello my lovely readers.  Well, I wanted to re-introduce myself.  I have chopped off my hair, changed the color ever so slightly, and changed my car.  Actually, I’m planning on going blonde, BUT I don’t want to kill my hair.  Just stay tuned for a few more months and I WILL be blonde again.
Now, you may ask what caused all of these changes?  Honestly, I’m not quite sure.  It started with closing out a chapter and then all of these changes followed.  I saw this Volvo C70 T5 and since my parents are big fans of Volvo (I think they’ve had 5) I decided to test drive it.  Once I found out that it was a 6 speed I was completely in love.  She was “the one.”  Yes, my car is a she.  Her name is Coco, like Coco Chanel.  No, it’s not because of the fact that it’s designer and I’m a fashion blogger but because Miss Chanel came out with the first little black dress, so this is my first little black car.  
Onto my hair.  I used to have short platinum blonde hair a very long time ago.  I always wanted short hair and Marilyn Monroe blonde hair.  So, let’s try that again?  I needed a change after being a red head for so many years.  I’ll miss the long red locks, but I’m ready to embrace this change.  Women tend to hold onto their hair and I almost cried after it was all gone, because I felt like two years (when I started growing out my  hair) just hit the ground.  I want to show women that you can still look and feel sexy, confident, and beautiful without the beauty of long hair.
Also, a little mini disclaimer, well not really but anyway this week and next week I have a few outfits that I wore previously with my old hair that will be uploaded.  I’ve worn these outfits before I just didn’t want to severely overload everyone with outfit posts!
To be even more dramatic and really let you know what new attitude I have, let me play some Jay Z.
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