Blogger Picnic // OOTD


Sweater: Ralph Lauren // Leggings: Marshalls // Bag: Louis Vuitton // Shoes: UGG-Marshalls // Belt: Burberry
If you read my post
yesterday (here) you already know that I had a wonderful time at my Blogger
Picnic in Central Park, NYC.  Since I
already went into details about my awesome time let’s go into some details
about my #ootd!
Since I was traveling and
I didn’t know what kind of weather we were going to have I decided to go for
something comfortable yet chic.  Lately I’ve
been at a fashion stump because well, I chopped off my hair and I feel like my
hair is too edgy for my style.  It almost
looks strange.  So even though I love my
style and will still continue to wear the same clothing I wanted to switch it
up a bit.  I took an oversize sweater
with some faux leather leggings and added a belt.  I think I add a belt to almost everything
whenever I want to spice up an outfit. 
It also works out perfectly for me because my waist is the smallest
thing on my body so might as well accentuate it, right?  Of course you need comfortable shoes when
traveling and walking around the city so I turned to my Ugg peep toe
booties.  These are the best shoes ever
and so comfortable.  I must say, my feet
were so happy these were my shoes of choice for Saturday.
Taking these
outfit photos was a lot harder than I thought. 
I’m comfortable taking pictures in front of people because I used to
hate being starred at but there were so many people that I had to keep waiting
to take a picture with no one in the background.  Also if you see the picture of me cracking up
there’s a story behind that.  This older
woman just had to stop while we were trying to take a picture and she was
starring at the tree, almost as if she was examining it.  She saw the camera and me posing and then she
just kept starring at that dang tree! 
Once she finally started walking (very slowly might I add) she stopped
and looked back and me and it was almost as if she struck a pose!  When she walked away I couldn’t help but
laugh.  Oh there are some crazies in NYC,
gotta love it!
pleated poppy

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