Chanel Drip Nails

If you read my posts last week about my blogger meet up in Central Park NYC (here and here) you know how much fun it was.  These nails were done especially for that meet up.  I have been wanting to change my style up a little bit and be more edgy.  What better way to start than with black nails that have the drip effect?  I used a regular black polish by Sally Hansen, Maximum Strength Base Coat by Sally Hansen, Double Sided Black Nail Pen by Nail Chic, Julep black sparkle polish, and OPI Top Coat.

The first step like always is to put on a maximum strength base coat which has helped my nails from discoloration and weakening.  I use Sally Hansen Maximum Strength and I swear by it!
The second step is to start with your black polish and paint whichever nail you would like along with doing a french tip with the other ones not including the “Chanel” design.

In order to make the drip effect you have to start with making dots on your nails with either the nail art pen or with the regular black polish.

This is the part where you connect the dots to the french tip or “Chanel” design.  Make sure you make it more round at the tip and thinner towards the tip, just like a droplet.  Then I added a few extra “running dots” so to speak.  Finish off the design with your OPI top coat, or whatever top coat you prefer.  Happy painting!

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