DIY Hair Piece

As many of you know, I love anything DIY.  I went to Saratoga Springs for a horse race with America’s Best Racing (click here for the full recap) so I decided this is my chance to finally make the biggest hair piece I’ve ever made.  Back in the day when I first started this blog I made hair pieces and head bands, so I brought  back my skills and made the biggest hair piece I could possibly ever dream of.  

All of these pieces except the headbands were bought at Michael’s.  The headbands were bought at WalMart.  This was one of the easiest hair pieces I’ve made.  I took the headband that was made out of fabric because it would have been the easiest one to sew everything on.  I’m not a big fan of gluing things just because I know that it would stay longer if I sewed it.  How embarrassing would it have been if the glue melted or something and this whole hair piece fell apart at the race?  Exactly my point.  All I did was sew the rose ribbon onto the headband.  Then I took the tulle and folded bigger pieces and sewed it into almost like a bow.  Afterwards I sewed the feather into the tulle and added the rest of the rose ribbon in the middle to keep the feather in place.  As long as you know how to sew you can make this headband within two hours.  It’s the biggest one I’ve made but the easiest!


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