Healthy Habits // Bean Spaghetti

Who ever said that healthy food had to be boring?  Ok, I know this may look a little strange and may sound a little strange but you see that spaghetti?  It’s made out of beans.  Yup, beans.  I’ve eaten these spaghetti noodles hot already, but I had to try them cold.  I added some raw peppers on top, yum.  Now, I did make a dressing.  I definitely don’t like to use dressing, but I wanted to try something new.  I took Apple Cider Vinegar from Trader Joe’s, a small amount of olive oil and mixed it with some leek. 

I almost forgot the best part of this whole bean spaghetti thing.  IT’S GLUTEN FREE!  Now that my mom and I are dieting and she can’t eat too many yummy foods out there so we are making due.  I know Katie (the girl hosting this link up) talked about a bean cereal so here’s to add to the bean trend!

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**Please note, I am not a licensed trainer, nor do I claim to know about health and fitness.  I am not a licensed nutritionist.  These are things that I do and in my opinion work for me, I do not know if they are harmful.

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