My Bubbles.


Dress:  Burberry {here}
Sweater:  Burberry/100% Alpaca{here}
Booties:  Enzo Angelino {Macy’s}
Clutch:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Every time I say bubble all I think of is Finding Nemo when
that one fish in the tank says “Bubbles! 
Bubbles!  Bubbles!  My bubbles.” 
I thought it was fitting to say since I have a lovely bubble dress today
on le blog.  When I first saw the bubble
dress a long time ago, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because I have
the body type that any attention to the bottom half and I’m double my size
automatically.  That is not the case with
certain bubble dresses, this one in particular. 
Since the bubble (I’m not going to lie that sounds kind of funny) is a little longer and it’s loose fitting, the dress
fits perfectly. 
I also wanted to show how easily you can change an outfit
just by adding a simple sweater.  This
very dressy bubble dress transforms into a casual dress.  The sweater is a cropped sweater and is so
warm for something that is so thin and lightweight.  Keep your eyes peeled, I have this sweater in
another color that will be making its debut here soon!

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