NYC Recap

Warning, this post is going to be super long so beware!  

This past weekend I went to NYC for the
second weekend in a row.  Seriously what
is this world coming to that I went into the big bad city two weekends in a
row?!  Just kidding, the city isn’t bad,
it just scares me.  I have this fear of
taking the wrong train and ending up in a bad neighborhood, or just getting
lost in general.  I’ve recently
reconnected with an old high school friend, we share the same birth month and
we’ve known each other since we were 15, so needless to say I felt comfortable
with him being the one to show me around. 
It’s weird saying that since I’ve lived here my whole life I should
already know the city with how many times I’ve been in it, but let me tell you
it’s a totally different world in the concrete jungle.

Hoboken Train Station

Since he was visiting family in our neck of the woods we
decided to take the train to Hoboken together because there was a transfer and
I was just scared that I would miss the train and have to wait an hour for the
next one.  Our first stop was in Hoboken,
NJ.  They had the Arts & Musical
Festival going on so it was pretty crowded to say the least.  Regardless we went to eat a late brunch and
have a few drinks at The Stewed Cow.  I
had this delicious drink that was served in none other than A MASON JAR!  It was sweet tea lemonade but the adult
version.  After we were finally full and
ready to go elsewhere we went to the festival to see what it was all
about.  Then, it was time to venture into
the city.

This picture breaks my heart.  At the bottom it has a woman’s name with the words “and her unborn child” after it.

Amish Deli Chandelier, it was pretty intense.

Since 9/11 I have not been back to where the twin towers once
stood until this past weekend.  The last
time I was there was when the towers were still standing the week prior to that
tragic day.  Now that the memorial is
there I so badly wanted to go to pay my respects.  So this was our first stop in the city.  I must say they did a beautiful job with this
memorial.  The one thing I just can’t get
over are all of the names.    Don’t get me wrong I know that thousands of
people lost their lives, but it’s a little more surreal when you see how many
times wrap around that memorial.  There
was this one that truly made my heart break. 
It was a woman’s name with the words “and her unborn child” after
it.  This made me choke up and even
typing this right now is making me get teary eyed.  I can’t even fathom what her family and
friends felt and went through.  The same
goes for all of the names that I read. 
As I was reading them I was just imagining what kind of people they
were, what kind of jobs they had, did they have a family?  It makes me so sad thinking about all of
those things. 

After we went to the memorial we decided to venture some more.  We walked to battery park and went by the water front.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, I really can’t stress enough how nice it was.  Once we walked all throughout the park and by the water front we decided it was about time to catch a cab.  We went to Coyote Ugly because I’ve never been.  It was so much fun!  I kept thinking of the movie and how that was the first time I heard the song Pour Some Sugar on Me and fell in love.

Oh hey there OOTD!  Top:  Unkown (Poland) // Pants:  Marshalls // Sandals:  Sam Edelman (Marshalls)
Now for any of you who know me on a personal level, you know
that I get somewhat anxious and nervous when there’s a deadline or a schedule
that I have a feeling I’m not going to make. 
After Coyote Ugly my friend and I looked at our phones to see the time
and both of us had this “oh s***” face. 
We had less about an hour to get from Coyote Ugly to the Path to the
Train Station in Hoboken for me to make my train.  First we got lost and then we finally decided
to put my female features to use and call a cab to get to the path because we
must have gotten really flustered to not know where we were.  As soon as we got out of the cab we ran down
the stairs and we literally JUST made it on the Path.  The doors closed as soon as we ran in.  I’m sure we probably looked like crazy
people.  We finally arrived at Hoboken
Train Station with a few minutes to spare. 
I must say I felt like a true “city girl” when this happened.  I’m sure they are always in a rush because it’s
not like in Jersey when you can just get into your car and control your timing,
you have to rely on Public transportation given that you don’t miss a train or you
aren’t delayed. 

All in all it was a great day.  I had so much fun even though we walked a
total of 8 miles.  I was so exhausted and
being at work the next morning was definitely brutal, but it was definitely
worth it.


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  1. I really want to see the Memorial, too. I was there right after the attacks when it looked like a construction attacks, but have not since been back to that part of the city since. On another note, by bff lived in Hoboken till about five months ago and it is so pretty! I have taken the path many times, and it sort of makes me panic every time, deadlines make me nuts, too;)

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