One nation, under god, indivisble, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Today is the anniversary of something that should have
crippled a nation.  Today is the day many
lost their lives and loved ones.  Today
is the day that we watched those towers fall, the Pentagon destroyed, and the
fear in people’s eyes.  Today is the day
I was a freshman in high school and I heard someone saying that their
dad was working in the towers.  Today is
the day that everything stopped as we all listened and watched what terror had
happened in the United States of America. 
Today is 9/11.
I know that my blog is usually happy go lucky and filled
with pretty pictures of clothing, food, and just life in general.  For this post I wanted to take a moment for
everyone to remember this horrific day 13 years ago.  I did not lose a loved one on this day, but I
know people who did.  I was at the Twin
Towers the weekend before they crumbled to the ground.  This day started something that we were not
prepared for; a War on Terror.  9/11
struck a fear in everyone.  How could
this happen?  How could two of our towers
fall?  How could the Pentagon be
destroyed?  How could almost 3,000 people
lose their lives?  How could American
Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 77,
and United Airlines Flight 93 be hijacked and crash? 
I remember where I was on this day exactly 13 years
ago.  I was in my keyboarding class when
all of the sudden the news broke out.  We
watched the news for the rest of the day in fear.  This is back when cell phones (at least for a
freshman in high school) didn’t exist. 
We couldn’t call our families and our parents and we were not able to
leave.  Some of us cried while we watched
all of this happen.  The only positive
thing that I saw come out of this was the way that our nation came together,
and the way that we helped random strangers. 
We cared about each other again.  We stopped our lives to show emotion.  We showed ourselves and the rest of the world
that America will NOT fall, and we WILL stand united as one.
Of course we have the memorial site to visit and pay our
respects but that memorial will never be enough for the people who lost their
families and friends.  That is why I am
asking everyone to take a moment today, think about how those people can’t say “I
love you mom,” or “I’ll see you at my game dad,” or “ok honey are we still on
for dinner?”  Take a moment to say those
things to your parents or significant other. 
Take a moment to remember 9/11. 
I also want to thank the men and women of this country who
are protecting our freedom and their loved ones who stand by their side, to the men and women who were first responders and continue to be, and to the officials who tackled this with strength.  You have made it easier for us to sleep at
night after a tragedy like this.  UNITED

“One nation, under god, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice
for all.”


2 thoughts on “One nation, under god, indivisble, with Liberty and Justice for all.”

  1. <3 I had family in the city and a brother serving in the army, so I can relate to the fear of not being able to get ahold of people. It's so strange to me that no matter how old I get, I remember this day (and the entire week, really) so vividly.

    1. I remember everything that happened. It's kind of scary how vividly I remember. I remember coming home and hugging my mom with tears in my eyes asking her if she saw what happened.

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