Peacock Nail Art

This past Saturday I went to the horse track in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Don’t worry those pictures will be up later this week.  I made a giant headband that had a peacock feather in it, so I decided that I’m going to match my nails to my hair piece.  So instead of going as outrageous as I normally do because I didn’t want to take away from my hair piece so I did a nude nail on all except one.  I wore my bright blue Betsey Johnson shoes so I added a little sparkle for extra fun.  Then of course I couldn’t go with at least one design so I painted a peacock with my nail chic art pens.  There’s no tutorial for today’s design just because the peacock feather is just a bunch of lines and for the colored part it’s just a few circles of nail polish.  For these nails I used Sally Hansen and OPI along with my Nail Chic art pens.

Oh, and of course HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!
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