Pink vs. Pink

Both Dress:  Burberry {here}
Clutch:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Bag:  Gucci {here}
Boots:  Enzo Angelino {Macy’s}

Have you ever bought anything and loved it so much that you had to buy it in either another color or ALL of the other colors?  I am so guilty of this.  I do it with almost everything I own.  I think it’s because once I find something I like and really want to wear every day I will somehow make it work, hence buying more than one color.  That was definitely the case with these Burberry dresses.  It’s the same dress but the colors make them look so different.  Also, one is smaller than the other so I can have somewhat of a different look.  These dresses are great because you can wear them by themselves, with the belt, pumps, or boots.  I love how the simplest details make an outfit completely different.  I think it also helps that these are Burberry dresses, I mean how can you not love the quality of their clothing?  We all know I love all things pink, I guess I’m a typical girl in that
aspect.  When I saw this dress in two
different shades of pink I HAD to take both of them.  They are so casual but yet you can make them
look a little more dressed up.  This
dress comes with a belt and even though I love belts I decided that instead of
putting the belt on like a normal person, I would tie it instead.  I think it gives it a little more character
than the normal looking belt.
pleated poppy

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23 thoughts on “Pink vs. Pink”

  1. When you love something, you have to get it in every color!! You look fantastic, and I'm just loving your new design and page…I'm scrolling through everything now!

  2. First of all: could you BE any prettier? Goodness! I am absolutely loving that dress! I favor the bright pink, but both are gorgeous on you!

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