Ralph Lauren on Labor Day


Dress:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Shoes:  BOC {Marshalls}
What to wear, what to wear, that is the question.  Do you ever feel like you have so much stuff
in your closet but you can never find the EXACT top you’re looking for?  This happens to me all the time.  Well, for this post I wanted to show everyone
what I am wearing for Labor Day.  As
most of you know I’ve been watching my eating habits and well Labor Day is my BBQ cheat day, maybe weekend depending on how much I work out.  So for occasions like this I like to wear
something that isn’t so form fitting around the stomach area, you know for when
you have a food baby.  I know they say
that horizontal stripes make you look bigger but I don’t really care I just
really love this dress.  It’s perfect
because it’s loose around the stomach area and accentuates the bum while still
being casual yet chic.  Since today marks the end of summer you might as well dress the part right?  The greatest part is you can still get away with wearing this dress once the fall time comes with a pair of cute tights or leggings and some boots.
Au revoir summer, until next year!

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