Saratoga Springs, NY with America’s Best Racing

As some of you know (if you follow my Instagram) this past Saturday I went to Saratoga Springs, NY with America’s Best Racing and let me tell you, I had a blast!  We had VIP status which meant first we went to the Fasig Tipton for lunch (I showed up late so I didn’t get to eat and just made it in time for the guest speaker) and it was divine.  Definitely a nice set up.  Afterwards we walked over to the actual race track.  Now, I was expecting to have a great time at the races but not as great as I actually did.  We were able to watch the race from the Luxury Suites but we also were able to go to the paddocks to meet the horses.  Very awesome day!
This is when we were able to go into the paddocks to meet the horses.  Seeing the race horses up close and personal like that was surreal.  It was also pretty awesome that the people who were allowed in this area were the VIP type people.  Definitely felt pretty awesome.
This is the horse I bet on.  Now let me just explain that I wanted to bet on two of the previous winning horses so when I met this beautiful guy I was almost sure that my pick this time would have been a winner too.  Unfortunately third time is NOT a charm and I lost.  It’s ok though, at least I can say that I’ve bet on a horse in my life!
Look at those cars behind me!  There were so many Bentley’s there!  So awesome!

My dad knows my lucky number is seven so I’m so glad he got this picture to actually come out looking like this.
Outfit Details:
Dress:  Unkown Brand {Marshalls}
Shoes:  Betsey Johnson {Marshalls, old}
Sunglasses:  Gucci {here}
Bag:  Louis Vuitton {old}
Headband:  DIY
Thank you America’s Best Racing for inviting me for such an awesome time!!!


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  1. I LOVE your blue fascinator and shoes with that dress! So fun and chic and cool;) I've never been to a horse race, but I kinda just want to go so I can dress upโ€ฆis that normal? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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