j'adore paris

When I was approached by
Smartling an online translation software company to talk about
fashion abroad I was so excited!  We all
know that this past summer I went back to the motherland (aka Poland) to visit
my family, and I work for a company where Mandarin is spoken more than English,
so of course I’m used to other cultures and languages.  Smartling gave me this awesome topic about
what would be my dream night abroad along with what I would wear, eat, and how
I would deal with another language.  Don’t
worry I won’t cheat and pick Poland (of course that would be my number 1 pick) because
as you know I’m bilingual and Polish is my first language so let me pick a country
where I would visit instead.

Where would you go?
As a fashion fiend I would
have to say France.  My dream night would
of course be spent in Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and fashion. 
How would you deal with a
different language?
First of all I already
know more than one language so I’m used to different languages and as I stated
early I work for a company that predominantly speaks Mandarin.  I took two years of French when I was 12 so I
only remember how to say my name is Monica, hello, thank you, please, and goodbye.  I would bring a translator but I would
probably brush up a few key things you need to know how to say in French prior
to visiting.
What would you do?
I would go to the Eiffel
Tower and some really fancy dinner, even if I was alone.
What would you eat?
Caviar!  I would also probably eat every single pastry
and baguette in sight too.
What would you wear?
Oh this is the fun part. 
I mean I always wanted to be Madeline from the book series when I was
younger with the yellow hat and blue coat, minus the appendix part, and I’ve
always wanted to wear a beret style hat in Paris, but I would have to say I
would probably go for something really classy.

I’d go for a little black dress.  I mean Coco Chanel is French and she was the
first to introduce the infamous little black dress; the staple that every woman
should have in her closet.  I would most
likely go for a classic and elegant Breakfast at Tiffany’s type of look.  I feel like that look never goes out of

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