The story behind the pink


Top and Sweater:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Jeans:  Ralph Lauren {mom’s closet, thanks mommy!}
Booties:  Enzo Angelino {Macy’s}
Sometimes I wonder if the reason why I like pink so much now
is because I never really wore the typical girly things when I was
younger.  My mom and I have actually had
this discussion many times.  I mean, I
even had pink wheels once on my car a long time ago. 
When you’re young or at least when I was young my mom
dressed me.  Most of my clothing was
handmade by my mom.  My grandmother was a
seamstress and my mom was a designer. 
So, needless to say the sewing gene runs through my veins.  Anyway, I’m getting off track.  My clothing was very mature for my age
because I’ve been wearing pencil skirts and mini skirts from a young age.  When I was little some people used to stop my
mom and ask if I was a model.  Fashion
really does make an impact.  I never
really wore pink, I think I can count on one hand how many times I wore pink
growing up.  I was my mom’s mini me, we
even had the same outfit in one picture. 

With all of that being said, once I grew up and discovered
how much I secretly loved pink this whole time I kind of went a little
nuts.  Over my teenage years to really early 20’s
I changed a lot of things to pink, from my pepto bismal walls, to my hot pink
wheels, to even my hot pink hair.  I was
getting it out of my system, well actually that’s an understatement.  I still am, because I still love pink, and if
there is a choice in color, I pick pink 99.9% of the time.  Regardless I love the color pink, and of
pleated poppy

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  1. I really love pink, it is my favorite color, yet I have NO Pink in my closet at all! My six year old daughter was the one that noticed it, and now it is so weird that I have no clothes to show off my love for the color. I do have a pink bedspread and bathroom, though. Does that count?!

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