White Burberry Pants


Tank:  Ralph Lauren
Pants:  Burberry {here}
Bag:  Gucci {here}
Shoes:  Vince Camuto
Sunglasses:  Burberry {here}

These pants I was not able to fit into that long ago.  Today I stand before you in these pants as the final HOORAYYYYYY for my weight loss.

Oh, the lovely rule of not wearing white after Labor
Day.  You know, I really don’t agree with
the person that came up with this fashion faux pas.  I mean, let’s be real, white is a color that
people wear in the winter time because of the lovely winter wonderland
themes.  I usually agree with most
fashion faux pas because navy does look a little strange with black (even
though I have rocked that look before), but certain fashion don’ts boggle my
mind.  For example, sometimes when I look
at magazines and see the fashion don’t section I kind of wonder where are they
getting these judges from?  Then I see
their pictures and understand why they don’t like the fashion because it’s
obviously not their style.  Oh yes, I’m
totally judging a judge!  Don’t get me
wrong some things are really hideous and I don’t know how anyone allowed that
celebrity on the red carpet like that but certain looks that make it on the
fashion do list I think are just wrong.  I
guess everyone has their own opinion which brings me to my next point.

Isn’t fashion a way of expressing yourself?  Isn’t it kind of considered an art to some
people?  Who are these people to judge
what we can and can’t wear after a holiday. 
Sure Labor Day is an unofficial farewell to summer, but why do we have
to say farewell to our white clothing? 
There are certain trends that I am not even willing to try because I
know I can’t rock it like that model in the magazine, or that blogger.  Anyway, since I don’t like to follow the
rules I will wear white after Labor Day and I will wear it proudly!

Oh, and obviously this picture was taken before I got my new car.  I will still be wearing this outfit after labor day.


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