10 Ways to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

As you all know, The Walking Dead airs today, on my birthday (what
up ::throws hands up::).  Now, I never
wanted to be part of this Walking Dead mania, however after a long day I hopped
onto Netflix when the first season was available I decided to give it a shot
because I watched everything else.  Well,
after about 3 episodes I was hooked.  For
the next few days I only got up to go to the bathroom and get coffee and that
is quite embarrassing to say but now I’m addicted.  I’ve also gotten my mom addicted.  Leading up to today I’ve heard my mom say “when do your
zombies come back?” my response was, “on my birthday ma.”

In honor of the Walking Dead I want to list 10 ways to
survive a Zombie Apocalypse.

1.  Always go for the head. 
Pretty much make sure you never try to kill a zombie anywhere but the head.
2.  Make sure your hygiene is questionable.  You would just look awkward if you were clean.
3.  This brings me to number 3.  #nomakeup #iwokeuplykedis get used to it ladies.
4.  Cut zombie mouths and arms off and make them your pets, they
will cover your scent.
5.  Get on that #fitspo trend.
6.  Use sharp objects rather than guns or any weapon that makes
a noise.
7.  Zombies can break through anything, somehow.
8.  Get a 4WD vehicle, better yet just get a military tank.
9.  Don’t break any bones.

10. Last but not least, it’s just the most obvious, don’t get

Now, let’s go watch some zombies!


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  1. I love Walking Dead. You get it a day before we do in the UK (no fair haha) but I'm super excited. I was ever so slightly disappointed with the last series so I hope it returns with a vengeance. Happy birthday and happy viewing!! 🙂

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