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What a crazy week this has been!  First of all I was sick (whoopdie doooo) but I still had posts that were available for all of you because you know I love y’all so much!  I must say all of the comments I have been receiving lately, especially from the people who are return readers, you guys seriously made my sick day/week so much better.  Anyway, let’s get into my 5 for Friday!

1.  Pictures of my pups just because I can! Sadly the little white fluffy one (Kuba) is going to be a Boston resident as of this weekend.  My brother keeps on telling my parents how he wants to rescue a dog like I did, however he’s a senior in college and my parents want him to understand how much of a responsibility a dog is, even a small dog.  This is why they are bringing little Kuba to my brother in Boston for who knows how long so I wanted to snap a few good pictures before he was gone and I wouldn’t see his cutie pie face in the morning and when I came home from work.  Then I decided since I had the camera out to take a picture of my little devil Lilly.  I swear she looks like an angel in this picture but she is the epitome of “Marley.”  Although, I should give her credit, she’s gotten slightly better with her ravage beast tendencies.

2.  At home remedies.  Ok, so as I just mentioned I was sick this week.  I think I was coming down with the flu which for me is bad news bears because I have terrible lungs and it would most likely lead to me being out of commission for at least 2 weeks with the possibility of developing Bronchitis afterwards.  SO, with that being said my mom made me an at home remedy that put me back on my feet.  They say onions absorb bacteria and some people even leave raw cut onions in their rooms to collect all of the bad bacteria, well I believe they are right.  Now I didn’t chop an onion in half and leave it in my room BUT my mom took onions, aloe (the actual plant because we have 6 in our house if not more), lemon, honey, sugar, and you can add garlic if you’d like we didn’t have any and you chop all of those up and stick them in a bowl.  Don’t worry about the aloe, you just take a sliver off where the pointy part is and just chop up the rest of it like a regular vegetable.  You almost have to chop it so they are diced pieces.  Let this lovely mixture sit for about an hour.  Afterwards either eat or drink it.  Now, it’s going to be extremely nasty, I HATE raw onions with a passion, but I kept saying “this is for your own good.”  The next day I felt SO much better.  I mean I still took a sick day because I wasn’t feeling 100% but I think that little remedy helped me a lot.

3.  Justin’s instagrammed me, WHAT UP?!  Yup, this happened.  Justin’s Boots contacted me via Instagram and asked if they could use my picture on their social media, my answer was well of course!  Plus, it was probably my favorite picture of me in those boots.  Click here to see the original awesome picture.

4.  Late 20’s life crisis.  I know, I know, y’all are probably so sick of me talking about this whole birthday thing.  I can’t help it though, so I decided I’m going to do something that is considered a late 20’s life crisis.  I think me getting my car was a start, and going blonde will be a nice way to finish it off.  This being said, next Saturday marks the day that I will finish going blonde.  That’s probably about as reckless as I’m going to get haha, nothing exciting like sky diving.

5.  The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.  I’m more of a Walking Dead fan (stay tuned for Sunday’s post about the Zombie Survival Guide I came up with) and have only recently gotten into watching American Horror Story.  It’s quite strange, however just as a side note, don’t take NyQuil and if you can’t fall asleep watch AHS.  I’m telling you, your dreams will be extremely strange.  Of course we all know my beloved zombies come back on my birthday.  Oh, I’m ecstatic!

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