5 for Friday

It’s already Friday?! 
Wow, this week flew by.  The other
day I was saying how I wish it was Friday already and voila my wish came true
really quick.  This past week has not
been as hectic as most so this 5 for Friday probably won’t be very exciting,
with that being said I do apologize if I bore you.

Blogger Meetup Response

We all know I love meeting new bloggers and I’ve already hosted a few blogger meet ups in NYC.  Well, this week I sent out some information on a meetup and I must say, the responses have been insane!  With how many people already responded I’m going to have to start planning a place to meet, I mean there’s going to be a bunch of us if more people respond so I’m so excited for this!  Which brings me to your invitation!  If you are interested in attending and you are in the NY/NJ area email me and I’ll give you all of the details mejmoda [at] gmail [dot] com
If you are new to this blog you can read about all of my meet ups below.  I’ve gone in chronological order from most recent to the oldest.  Enjoy!

SoHo Goodies//November 2013 Part 1

Song of the Week  
I just realized I haven’t picked my song of the week in a while.  I’m going to keep it country folks and this week it’s Dirt by Florida Georgia Line.  One of my friends showed me this video and I instantly fell in love.  I love when music videos have a story line and I feel like I’m one of the few people who still watch YouTube music videos.  Below is the video for your viewing pleasure!

My birthday last weekend!  

Ok, so as most of you know, my birthday was on Sunday.  I had such an eventful weekend.  I went to a haunted house and TGIFriday’s on
Friday, ate my weight in sushi and went to Colorado Café on Saturday, and
Sunday was the premiere of The Walking Dead so I sat on the couch like a lazy
bum, but hey, I had an excuse!  If you missed my birthday recap click here and my Zombie survival guide click here.
Remember how
a few weeks ago I completely changed my look and chopped off all my hair and
got some mini highlights?  Well, the time
has come.  I WILL BE BLONDE
TOMORROW!  Mama bear and I are going to
get our hairs did tomorrow, and as per usual we are going to be #twinning, yet
again.  Now my question is, do blondes
really do have more fun?  Actually let’s
not lie, I’ve been platinum blonde once in my life, and I must say you
DEFINITELY get more attention, I mean I got cat called in front of my mother at
the mall.  All I ask is that you cross
your fingers for me that it comes out the way I want it too!

Likes, votes, comments, etc.  
Ok, so I just wanted to say thank you for all the love from all of my
followers and readers on my blog and social media this week.  I know it’s extremely dumb to get happy over “likes”
BUT it feels really awesome when you get so many people to comment on how much
they like something.  Don’t get me wrong,
I dress for myself, and if I dress for anyone else it’s so that they can get
some kind inspiration for an outfit for them, I never dress to impress anyone,
but I think we all love a good compliment every once in a while.  As for the people who commented on my nail
art, I’m thinking about possibly becoming a nail technician within the next few
years if life goes as planned thanks to all of you!  Oh, and if you follow me on Chictopia (here), thanks
for the lovin’, that was pretty awesome.
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