5 for Friday

Hello Jersey Girl Texan Heart readers!  It’s Friday, yay!  This week for some reason I’ve been feeling a
little under the weather.  I’m not sure
why, but this weekend will be filled with lots of sleep.  I think I might have to make that concoction
I talked about a few weeks ago (here).  It’s been constant over in the life of JGTH,
not hectic, but constant.  Let’s talk
about a few things that happened this past week.

Indie Chicks Magazine
I finally got a chance to take my Indie Chicks selfie!  If you haven’t heard of Indie Chicks, you should either go on their website or just go to your local Barnes and Noble and buy a copy of this issue.  Not all Barnes and Noble has them (there was some kind of issue with printing) but I was able to find one!  Keltie Knight is their cover girl and she Instagrammed a bunch of our selfies for Indie Chicks.  Pretty sweet if you ask me!  So don’t forget to head on over to Barnes and Noble and take a selfie with your mag then hashtag #icselfie !!
New Hair
If you haven’t noticed already, my hair is officially a few
shades lighter.  I’m still not where I
want to be with this blonde hair action, but I’m getting there!  I’m so excited because there are more
highlights and they are more blonde.  I
told myself I didn’t want to ruin my hair ever again and I said I would never
go blonde again, ha!  Regardless, I did,
and it’s a nice change.  I feel like I
have more confidence which is weird because my hair is no longer, well, long.

Betsey Johnson

So, you guys I had a mini freak out fan girl moment yesterday.  I know it’s so dumb but Betsey Johnson (or at least whoever is in charge of her Instagram) liked my #fromwhereistand picture on Instagram yesterday!  She is my favorite designer of all time because of her energy and her crazy ideas.  Don’t get me wrong I love high end designers like Gucci and what not but Betsey Johnson was my inspiration when I was in school.  I only minored in fashion but whenever we had a project my style was very similar to Betsey’s.  Full of colors, mixing and matching, and LOTS of prints.

This week I got out of my comfort zone.  This week I didn’t photograph the girliest of
things, I took some test shots for a fitness photo shoot.  This will be a challenge because first of all
it’s indoors and we all know indoor lighting is terrible, and I’m photographing
a guy.  First time ever!  One of my friends started a personal training
business and he needs some nice pictures for his Facebook Fanpage and
such.  That’s where I come in and this
week was just test shots.  Who knows
how the actual photo shoot will come out, hopefully it’s up to par with him
because I’m a perfectionist and do not like failure.

Small Town Throw Down-Brantley Gilbert.  One of my friends sent me a video of them jamming
out to this song this week and it’s been stuck in my head ever since haha.  Now it’s stuck in yours, you’re welcome!
Also, this week was Breast Cancer Awareness week on the blog.  If you missed any of the posts check them out below!
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