5 for Friday

1.  It’s Halloween!  
day is officially here!  My favorite time
to dress up!  Now I can spoil the
surprise on what I’m being.  This year I
actually bought my first Halloween costume in all of my existence!  Every year since I was little I’ve made my
costume or come up with a costume from my closet.  Never have I actually went to the Halloween
store and bought a costume, until this year. 
So, you may be asking well what are you going to be?  I shall be a Tickle Me Pink Crayola
Crayon!  I even got rainbow eyelashes to
match.  I am so incredibly excited!  I love pink EVERYTHING.  “All pink everythan.”  On that note I want to leave you with an
awesome pink quote “ladies don’t ever let a guy treat you like a yellow
starburst, you are a pink starburst.” 
Totally unrelated but I thought it was cute!
2.  I’ve already been scared this Halloween season.  
Ok, so it’s an actual legitimate type of
scare, not just haunted houses and ghost stories because I did all of that but
the other day my friend had texted me that the movie Halloween was on TV, the
fourth one.  Well if you read my birthday
post here, you would already know that Michael Myers and I have a history, a
not so awesome history.  Pretty much I
was left traumatized by a guy who scared the living bejeezus out of me as a kindergartener.  Well, I decided to overcome that fear and
watch the movie (as I do every year). 
Even with the horrible effects and bad quality I got scared.  The next morning I went to go take Lilly
outside for her walk and all of the sudden I heard a noise (instantly thought
that it just HAD to be Myers) and she started growling so number one instinct
was to RUN!  Of course I had to wait
until she was done going to the little girl’s room because well she was in the
middle of it when she was growling.  So,
moral of that story, drum roll please, I’m still afraid of a man in a white
mask that goes by the name Michael Myers.
3.  The Walking Dead.  
I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone with the Walking Dead so I will be
vague if you haven’t even seen previews. 
Someone comes back!  Someone who
most of us thought was dead.  I can’t
tell you how EXCITED I am for Sunday night!
4.  Business Trip.  
week I found out I was going on a last minute business trip to Ohio with my 9-5
job.  I’m excited to get out of the
office because I feel like this will be a lovely field trip and well I haven’t
been to Ohio in over 5 years.  I’m also
super sad that I can’t bring my cuddle bug (aka my pup) with me but I know she
will be just fine with my parents.  So
just as an fyi for next week, I’m going to try and participate in link ups but
if for some reason I don’t respond to comments or emails please don’t feel
ignored!  I will respond once I have the
time to sit down and thoroughly read what all of you lovely people have to say!
5.  Song of the week

I keep seeing commercials for the Aaliyah movie (November 15th
on Lifetime I’m parkin my bum in front of the TV) and I keep remembering all of
her songs and that tragic day.  I
remember finding out about it, I was certain it was a hoax or something.  RIP baby girl, aka Princess of R&B.
And I know it’s 5 for Friday for a reason but I have a 6 and 7!

6.  Instagram.
I got featured yet again on Instagram!  Yay!  I love when people say such nice things about my nail art.  Oh, and it’s pretty cool that this is the brand of liquid liner that I have been using for the past I don’t even know how many years.
7.  Etsy order.
Ok, so I had this massive Etsy order yesterday, I’m talking incredibly massive.  I’m going to have to start making some more jars to build some inventory!  I’m hoping that it wasn’t just a mistake but if it wasn’t oh my goodness that is so cool!
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  1. Yay for the big order!! That is so exciting! No judgement here on the Mike Myers fear, I am such a scary movie weenie. I made the mistake of watching the first paranormal activity years ago and was terrified for months after that! I can literally only handle movies like Casper ha! I'm ready for Christmas movies 🙂

    I hope you have a great weekend, you're going to be the best pink crayon!


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