Birthday Recap

Unfortunately this years birthday was only caught on my iPhone.  No professional looking pictures, so I apologize for the bad quality photos, I just wanted to share my weekend with everyone.  Well, I’m assuming you can tell that one of the things I did during my birthday was rode a mechanical bull.  This would be the second time I did it.  I didn’t last as long as I did last year on my birthday, but they didn’t take it as easy on me this year.  Regardless major props to the photographer behind this picture, it was perfect with the angle and everything.
This is what my lovely coworkers got me.  I was so surprised when I came into work.  They put so much thought behind all of these presents.  The car with a wrench since I love cars, the elephant and cowgirl boot, the Simba and minion balloons along with my favorite flowers and I must say the cards that were written to me were amazing.  I definitely had a moment sitting in my cubicle reading.  Also, the sunflowers are covering the other halves of my pictures, no I do not post pictures of myself in my cubicle haha.

My blogger and real life friend Yvonne who just so happens to be my coworker got together with her man friend and gave me the above gifts.  They stuffed the clutch with all of the papers on the right.  It was definitely a funny and nice gift.  Inside jokes are the greatest.

Of course I have to show some birthday selfies because I actually did my hair and makeup!

#fromwhereistand just because.

Look at this adorable drink from Friday’s that I drank on Friday.  Now it’s a little way too sweet for me, but I couldn’t help but love that they draw on the glass.  Way too cute!

My dad had his first sushi experience and I ate my weight and THEN some in sushi.  I think I’m good on sushi for a while.  Yea, ok, that’s a total LIE!

My Boots:  Similar Cavender’s // Dad’s Boots:  Cavender’s
Like father, like daughter.

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