Breast Cancer Awareness Mani and Mason Jar Monday


We all know that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.  In honor of this I decided to dedicate some nail art to all of those fighting breast cancer, survivors, and their family and friends who support them.  I decided to paint all of my nails different as usual, but this time there’s a reason behind these nails.  The pink with sparkle is because of the quote “don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle” especially when fighting for your life.  You  have to keep that sparkle.  Leopard print represents the fact that these women are fierce and strong.  The hope and ribbon are an obvious one.
Above are the polishes I used.  Of course as usual use the Sally Hansen Maximum shield base coat.  I swear by this.  If you take a look at the last Mani Monday post (here) you can see what my bare naked nails look like.  Thanks to the maximum shield my nails are not as weak as yellow as they should be. 

These are the colors I chose and which fingers I chose to put them on, you can do whatever you’d like, and if you do leave your link in the comments below so I can check out your work!

On the ring finger is the breast cancer awareness ribbon, then for the middle finger I made the “boxes” that will later show the letters H, O, P, and E.  For the glitter on the thumb put a LOT of glitter on the tip and then just dab a little bit of the excess glitter polish on the sides.

Take your nail art pen for the letters.  This part is really simple.

Once you want to do the leopard print nails make two curved lines and once these dry put a little dot of another color on the inside for your leopard print.

This design took me about an hour and a half.  If you’ve done any Breast Cancer Awareness nail art leave your link below because I would love to take a look!

Now, this brings me to my mason jar that was just uploaded on Saturday.  You can take a look at that jar (here).  This jar was a custom jar made for a friend who’s mom is a breast cancer survivor.  Each of the little figurines are the children and grand children of my friends mom.  Now, I decided that in honor of this month I have listed this jar and will make a custom order with whatever figurines you would like and you can also add this to a larger jar (just tell me prior to purchasing).  All proceeds not including shipping will be donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.  Once the donation will be made I will send you a screen shot of the donation receipt and send it to you as proof for YOUR donation.  This jar is currently listed for $25, so $25 will go to the foundation.
This post is dedicated to the survivors, fighters, the people who lost their lives, and family and friends of Breast Cancer.  

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  1. Your nails are absolutely gorgeous. I love how each one is so different and that mason jar is mighty cute. How creative and artistic you are!!

    BTW: I am co-hosting a link-up every day from Oct 22-Oct 31st. It is about Breast Cancer Awareness and we are wearing Pink. I'd love for you to join me any of those days. Thanks so much. =) This post would be perfect for it, also.

    Have a Lovely Week ahead! Ada. =)

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