Brick by brick, towers so tall


Sweater:  Ralph Lauren/Ewa Bazaar // Scarf:  Missoni/Ewa Bazaar // Leggings:  Ralph Lauren/Ewa Bazaar // Booties:  Enzo Angelino/Macy’s
My hair was on point in these pictures.  I don’t know what it was but my hair was
voluminous in the back and they stayed straight in the front!  This almost never happens the way I want it
to.  Anyway, fall is finally here!  It’s been slightly warmer than it should be
this time of the year here in NJ but I am definitely not complaining.  This past weekend it got a little colder than
usual.  I am loving the fact that I can finally
start wearing oversized sweaters.  Even
though I lost 20 lbs, for some reason I am wearing more oversized clothing than
I did in the past.  You would think I
would want to wear tighter fitting clothing. 
Regardless, I feel very comfy chic in this outfit.  Not only is it an oversized sweater, but it’s
also long.  My problem when it gets
colder out is once my hands and feet get cold I can’t get warm and then my
whole body is cold.  So I guess that’s
the downside to me liking the oversized sweater weather.
The countdown to my birthday is in progress.  I don’t know what to expect at 27.  What am I supposed to do?  Am I supposed to have my life all figured
out?  Am I supposed to start looking to settle
down with someone?  Should I continue to
stay single and put my career first? 
Should I feel older?  It’s one
more year closer to the big 3 0.  I’m
going to officially be in my late 20’s. 
I mean, I technically am already at 26 but I feel like 27 is when you
are really considered to be in your late 20’s; it’s official.  At 26 I was still able to get away with “I’m
in my 20’s.”  Then I start to look back
on the past 26 years and what’s happened from the time I went to a preschool
called Unicorn University to now when I’ve graduated with not one but TWO
degrees (Bachelors and Masters) and I have a full time job along with this blog
and my Mason Jar business.  It’s weird to
think that I grew up from this little rugrat to who I am today.  One thing that I am finally able to say is I’m
proud of myself.  I’m proud of all of my
accomplishments and all of the bumps (more like mountains) in the road that I’ve
gotten over along the way. 
At 27 I feel like a lot of people I know are getting married
or having children.  Then there’s me, the
girl who put her career first and her personal life second.  Well actually, no I think my fur child is
first, then career, and then personal life. 
I watch a lot of movies that show how lonely it is when you’re older and
all you have is your career.  However, I
feel like even though that is what’s missing in my life, I need to be selfish
for once and put myself first.  I want to
make a name for myself and I want to be able to have a career (with no
distractions), don’t get me wrong having a family would be amazing and I know I
will someday, but is it really necessary to have everything at 27?  In my opinion I don’t think I’m ready to
settle down with someone just yet.  If it
happens, it happens, but I’m not looking for that, at least not yet.
All I know is that at one point in my life I want my house
with the white wraparound porch, with a couch swing and some rocking chairs
with a sweet tea in my hand.
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pleated poppy

18 thoughts on “Brick by brick, towers so tall”

  1. Love those leggings and your hair is on point! Such a great post. Everyone has different needs, desires and has to follow and make their own way. Keep doing what you are doing!

    Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

  2. Your hair really does look amazing!! I feel like 26-29 feel the exact same…I'm wondering what 30 will be like (ahh!) When is your birthday?!

  3. A few things. 1) Come dress me, please. 2) Why are you so gorgeous? 3) yay for losing weight. 4) 27 was a really, really hard year for me but I think it was just circumstances of life. I think its' totes okay not to have everything figured out (who does)? I think you make what makes you happy a priority, and that's important. Everything will happen in due time! <3 Happy almost birthday!

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