Fab Favorites

1.  Cavender’s

Well I need to give this awesome brand a little shout out.  Not only do they have a fabulous selection of boots but I received my third gift card as a blogger collaboration with them.  I really don’t think Cavender’s understands how much I truly appreciate this.  I have been living in all of my boots!  Also, they are pretty much part of the reason why I named my blog the way I did.

2.  Love Notes

Love notes so cute and are some of my favorite
things.  Why do I put this as one of my fab favorites, well I
got a cute little love note from a new follower on Instagram.  It seriously made my day and had me feeling fabulous.

My decorations at my cubicle

3.  Month of October

It is officially October!  I can’t wait for Halloween, decor DIY’s,
decorating and such, apple picking, and candy corn!  I will definitely be making my own costume yet again this year, and decorating will be something I’m looking forward to.

4.  Weight Loss

If losing weight doesn’t make you feel fab then I have no idea what will.  Whenever I lose weight I instantly feel amazing.  This week I weighed myself and even though my weight is the same people have noticed.  I’ve had some friends tell me I need to buy new pants or invest in a belt.  Don’t mind if I do!

5.  NYC

If you read my recap (here) you know I had a great time in
NYC.  I must say for someone who doesn’t
travel into the city and is somewhat afraid of it, it’s one of my favorite
things this week.  I almost feel
refreshed and revamped after going to the city. 
Not only have I been to the city twice these past two weekends, BUT I am
celebrating my birthday in the city. 
This Jersey Girl with the Texan Heart might have a weakness for the Big
Apple after all.

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