Grim’s Greenhouse

picture via Ellen
After two months I was finally able to see my blogger
bestie Ellen from Ask Away!  As of the last two meet ups we
have been trying new things rather than just going to meet up for
dinner.  Last time we met we went to
Pinnacle Ridge Winery which was an experience and this time around we decided
to meet up to do the typical Fall season activity; apple picking.  We met up half way as per usual at Grim’s Greenhouse in Breinigsville, PA.  First
of all the place was packed so I automatically knew this had to be a great
place to have this many people here.  

Keep reading to find out what Ellen got me!
We started off by going to Admissions to see what we were going to do for the day.  We
decided to be adorable and get wristbands for a hay ride and for the corn
maze.  Afterwards we were hungry so we
stopped into the market (which was huge) and got a hot dog and some fries with
pulled pork and cheese.  Once we were
done with our lunch we went and got our apple cider slushie (da bomb dot com)
and we were off to our first activity, the hay ride.  One suggestion I have is to definitely bring
a sweatshirt, even if you are warm because it tends to get windy on that ride.  They took us for a tour of the farm which is
huge.  Afterwards since we were a bit
cold, we decided to go to the corn maze and hide from the wind.  

A little sidenote:  After all of our activities not only did I buy apples, but I bought the Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly, Pumpkin Kettle Corn, and Apple Cider donuts.  All of these are AMAZING.  Totally worth it!

This little guy was just staring at me, so I decided to take a picture of the cutie pie.

I thought this was an awesome picture because look at the driver of the tractor.  He’s just taking it all in, definitely caught a good moment.

There was a piece of corn that I looked at and immediately for some reason thought of Nemo and said “you touched the butt.”

Needless to say we got lost quite a few times and it
probably took us longer than it should’ve to get out of there haha.  Once we finally made it out alive, we did our
final activity for the day which was apple picking.  Not only did I get hit in the head with a few
apples I couldn’t help but think of The Wizard of Oz while I was picking them,
you know the scene with the talking trees that throw the apples?  

If only this tractor was green I could’ve been singing Jason Aldean!

All in all it was another great day with my bestest and she
even gave me my birthday present early. 
I really can’t thank her enough.
“Well behaved women rarely make history.  And if this is true, you and I are going to
be legends.” 
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