Gucci kind of day


Sweater:  Gucci // Pants:  Gucci // Pumps:  Gucci (Birthday Gift) // Bag:  Gucci (will be listed later today) // Sunnies:  Gucci (Mom’s closet)
As soon as I put on this outfit I
felt like I belonged in a Christmas special on Hallmark.  The fuzzy black sweater, the red pants, and
patent leather pumps just scream “holiday season.”  I’m sure my mom would be absolutely thrilled,
she has been counting down since she had to take her tree down.  She’s one of those crazy people who will have
her Christmas tree up either on Thanksgiving or the day after.  She’s been getting more and more excited by
all of the Hallmark commercials for all of the new Christmas movies.  She says there’s something so romantic and
happy about all of them. 
At least I know that if I decide
to make a Winter Lookbook on my YouTube channel this will most likely be the
opener of it.  With the rate the weather
is going (it was so humid and it got up to 70 degrees at least when I was
outside) who knows if we will have a winter, let alone snow.  Mother nature, you really need to make up
your mind because you are causing so much confusion and I already brought out
all of my boots!  Yesterday was in the 70s and
the day before was in the 40’s.  It makes
absolutely no sense.  As much as I hate
snow, I do love a white Christmas, it just looks magical.  Oh, also, in this blog we try not say Happy
Holidays too often, we wish everyone either a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah,
Happy Kwanza, and Happy whatever other holiday you celebrate.  Saying happy holidays for me is too vague and
not personal enough, since a lot of you comment and I feel like I “know” some
of you I’d prefer to wish happy/merry to whichever holiday you celebrate.  Ok, why am I talking about the holidays and
it’s not even Halloween yet?  Moving on!
Happy Hump Day everyone, may it
bring you lots of happiness that Friday is only two days away!  Check out the links below for who
I’m linking up with on this What I Wore Wednesday!


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