Red Tribal


Sweater: Ralph Lauren // Top:  Ralph Lauren // Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Boots:  Italian (Macy’s) // Sunnies:  Gucci
It’s finally starting to get a little colder!  Even though I’m not too thrilled about the
colder months slowly approaching, I love seeing all of the different colors on
the trees.  When you live in an area like
I do where you are surrounded by the woods you get to see the real beauty of
nature it makes you realize how lucky you are to be able to see this with the naked eye.  No photograph can ever capture
how amazing the red, yellow, orange, and brown colors look on those trees.  Especially when there is a lake and you get
the reflection off of the lake.  It makes for good photo ops!
I absolutely love this vest. 
It is so warm, plus you can easily wear it with a regular shirt
underneath.  The print is lovely, and it’s
just warm in general.  It’s just the
right amount of coverage for months like this one, where it’s cold but not really
cold enough for a full blown winter jacket. 
Although the other day I would say that I would have to question that
because of how cold it was.  Regardless,
the cold is here and it is here to stay until June.  Bring it on Mother Nature.

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  1. You're seriously the poster child for Ralph Lauren lol and your legs look so friggin thin!!
    & how does your hair stay perfectly pristine?? My hair always gets in my face to point that my photos look like photos of grudge girl 🙁

    Dear Sunny Vintage

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