Sugar Skull

If you couldn’t tell by my Instagram, I’ve been a little
obsessed with sugar skulls and Dia de los Muertos aka The Day of the Dead.  I actually love all things that have to do
with Halloween, skulls, sugar skulls, pumpkins, and anything fall related
really.  Even though this design was one
of the most intricate of designs (it took me well over 2 hours) it is hands
down one of my favorites.  The colors and
the brightness of it all really pops and I’ve gotten many compliments on this
design.  Even guys have said wow to this,
and let’s be honest guys don’t pay attention to nails.

These are all of the colors and brands I used.  I swear by Sally Hansen and OPI as far as
polish, topcoat, and strengthener goes, but as for nail art pens that are super
easy to use I go with Nail Chic.  It’s an
Asian company and I am started to run out of polish on some of these and well, when
I went on Amazon and Ebay it said it would take about 2-3 weeks to get to me,
total bummer for those of us who want polish now haha.  I just thought of that commercial “I want my
money and I need it now.”

First you make sure you shape your nail and all of that good
stuff, but you want to start off with your white polish.  Mine is Sally Hansen.  Afterwards make two dots with either the nail
art pen, or I find it easier just to use the regular nail polish applicator by
Sally Hansen in black.

This is where I start using the nail art pen for the nose of
the skull.  If it’s easier you can make
two lines, but pictured here are almost like two mirrored droplets as the nose.

Moving on to the teeth. 
I used the black nail art pen.  It’s
thin enough to make the teeth then strike a line through.  If for some reason you mess up take a tooth
pick and dip it in the white polish and just kind of dab it on top of the black
polish.  I don’t have a white nail art
pen so I have to do it the old fashioned way!

Now it’s time to have fun with your design.  Get creative. 
I made a few of the nails the same but since some of my nails are
shorter than others I had to make sure it would look good on both short and
long nails.  These are the nails I came
up with.  I hope you enjoyed this
everyone!  This took be about 2-3 hours
so if you are a beginner like me allow yourself some time for a design like
this.  Happy painting!

9 thoughts on “Sugar Skull”

  1. Totally impressive! I love the Dia de los muertos celebrations and the whole concept behind it. Makes me miss college and all my Spanish education which I've practically forgotten all of. Sigh.

  2. Just stumbled across this great post tonight…in January. I love me some Dia de los Muertos and sugar skulls and pan de muerto and altars and the whole kit and kaboodle. Your nails are to die for…pardon the pun. Love them!

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