5 for Friday

It’s time for 5 for Friday again!  There are a few really exciting things that happened or will be happening.  Let’s get to it shall we?

New Blog Design!
Welcome to my new blog design!  For those of you who came directly to this
post via any link ups you should go to “home” and check out the whole page in
it’s entirety.  I am so excited about
this new design.  I’m still working on
getting all my badges back and what not but I couldn’t be happier with the way
it looks now.  I feel refreshed and I
feel like I’m ready to take on new things! 
I’m very excited about this!

Being behind the camera, not in front of it
So today I should be doing yet another photo shoot where I’m
the photographer and someone else is in front of the lens.   The
exciting part is it’s for a Personal Trainer. 
He too has a blog and website, but I’ve never photographed anyone besides
female bloggers so I’m kind of excited. 
Who knows, maybe I found my calling, but there’s just something about
photography that sparks my interest.  It’s
not always about the pretty pictures but about the moment.  Of course a picture will never be as
beautiful as the real thing and what we can see with the naked eye but we can
get pretty darn close to it.  But if you
can capture a moment, like the face a groom makes when he first sees his future
wife for the first time walking down the aisle, or the face a child makes when
they score their first goal/them actually scoring, or when your dog is passed
out and looks like a human, or even that eff yea moment when your friend or
child takes that diploma at graduation, it’s those moments that get captured
that make photography so interesting.  It’s
exhilarating to be a part of something like this.  Then when you see how genuinely happy people
are with pictures it makes you feel like you accomplished something, even if it’s
simply putting a smile on someone’s face.
Blogger Meetup in a Week
My blogger meet up is in a week!  Eeeekkkk, I’m so excited!  I get to see some veteran bloggers to these
meetups and I get to meet some new bloggers. 
I love meeting bloggers because I know I’ve said this before but they
are the only people who really understand what goes into blogging and we can
learn new things from each other as well, even if it’s a question of what
editing app do you use for Instagram. 
Cannot wait to see all my lovelies! 
For those of you who didn’t know about this meet up in NYC and would
like to be contacted for future meet ups (they are always held in NYC) please
let me know and I will add you to the email list!  I’ve already hosted quite a few meetups and I
enjoy doing it as much as I enjoy meeting everyone!
Aaliyah Movie
The movie airs tomorrow! 
I am a huge Aaliyah fan, she was so different and as the movie says she
was the princess of Hip Hop and R&B. 
Artists like her and TLC shaped that industry for artists like Rihanna
and Queen B herself of today’s world. 
Aaliyah was taken too soon and that talent was incredible.  I have so many favorite songs by Aaliyah but
my top is I Care 4 U.  Her voice in that
song is so beautiful and there’s not too much backup music, you actually hear
the emotion in her voice go from vulnerable to sexy to genuine to honest.  Also, she has such a range in pitch when
singing that is beautiful.  She can get
as deep as Toni Braxton and as high as Mariah Carey (well maybe not exactly as
high as Mariah but pretty dang close). 
As I said, she was such a talent that was taken too soon.  Rest in peace beautiful.
Song-Time of the Season

I had to throw it back to 1968.  This song is one of my favorites.  The only downfall is every time I listen to
it I want to have long locks so I can braid my hair and have floral crowns and
wear really big bell bottoms.  Sometimes
I wish I could go back in time to each era and see how it was.  My top pics would be a 20’s Flapper, 40’s-50’s
Housewife/Hollywood Star/Rosie the Riveter, 70’s Flower Child, 80’s
Yuppie/Madonna/Molly Ringwald in every awesome 80’s movie, 90’s Uh duh Clueless
and meet Curt Cobain (I was born in 87 but I wasn’t old enough to really know Nirvana
until after Curt Cobain passed), and of course the rest of the years I’ve lived
through and enjoyed, although I feel like the icons in today’s world are all
reality tv stars which will never compare to icons like Marilyn Monroe, Rosie
the Riveter, and Hippies.  Sorry realty
tv you’re a trend not a classic.  Anyway,
enjoy this song and just imagine yourself in a field with lots of flowers and
long hair running around barefoot and becoming one with the earth.  I really wish I could’ve experienced Wood Stock

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  1. Wow, you have a lot of big stuff going on as a blogger! I really like your design, it looks very clean-cut and professional, but not at all boring.

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