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“I tried to be like the other girls once…worst two minutes of my life.”  Here in the blogging world let’s be real there are A LOT of us.  Blogging has gotten crazy popular over the last few years.  I turn to blogs before I turn to magazines now, as crazy as that sounds.  I noticed that I tend to go for the blogs that are original who you can tell do their own thing and they don’t follow other bloggers.  So what if that one blogger is super awesome and has an intense amount of followers, she’s obviously doing something right, but that doesn’t mean you should copy her.  Or how a lot of bloggers have this same angry face like they’re trying to be a model.  Don’t get me wrong some girls can pull it off but those are the girls who start modeling or those are the girls who pretty much invented that in the blogging world.  Maybe this is why I follow a lot (and I mean a lot, way more than any other region) of southern bloggers because they’re always smiling and they wear lots of PINK!  I can tell when bloggers are copying other bloggers because I follow a lot of blogs.  I have a few of my favorites that I look up to and hope to be like at one point, but I’m not going to copy them, I’ve tried that angry model face and it just does NOT work for me.  Oh and I laugh at all the “pigeon toed” fashion bloggers, I guess it’s the cool thing to stand like that which actually is the way I was born so I guess for me it’s a win win!  In that aspect I’m not being like the rest of them, I was unfortunately born that way and now it’s a trend.  Anyway, my point is, don’t copy other people.  So what if you aren’t popular in the blogging world?  You will turn some heads, but just be yourself because well, isn’t that why we all start a blog, to be ourselves, and show the world our unique snowflake self? #sorrynotsorry

I found a date!

You heard that right ladies and gents I found a date to my
work Holiday Dinner.  If you missed last
year’s post about it, you can read that here.  Unfortunately the pictures aren’t as great
quality because they’re taken with my phone with no edits (shame on me)  but I will try to do a better job with my
phone this year.  I can’t take my camera
with me but I’ll do my best I promise! 
Anyway, I found a date and I’m super excited because last year I went
solo.  This year I had two people cancel
on me last minute so I figured I’d ask an old friend that I just recently
caught up with last weekend (our friend is moving to Savannah, GA so we had a
little farewell shindig) and I figured, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  Welp, he said he’d go woot woot!  So I now have someone to goof off with hehe. 
No Cavities!
Ok, so I know this is super small news, but I went to the
dentist for my annual cleaning this week and still after 27 years, no
cavities.  I swear, I got extremely
lucky, or I just really know how to clean my teeth because I’m 27 and have
never had a cavity in my life.  I’d say
that’s something to be excited about this week for sure.
Catching Up
As I said earlier, one of my friends is moving to Savannah.  I’ve known him since the 3rd
grade, that’s actually a really long time, but we didn’t talk until about 6th
grade.  It’s weird that my time catching
up with him was at his going away party, but I was really thrilled that he
invited me because it’s been so long since we last spoke.  Regardless I had a great time and it’s nice
talking to all these people from my life 10+ years ago and having a mini

New colab in the future
Now, this one photographer who I’ve been eyeing down for quite some time asked if I would be interested in shooting not just pictures but a video as well!!!!  How cool??!!  I’m so super excited that he even asked me about it.  I know that it will probably be in the new year because the rest of this year is crazy jam packed with stuff that I have to do, but it’s very exciting that it is already in the works, it’s already been spoken about and he keeps on saying that I’m famous, which clearly I’m not but it’s pretty cool when someone you admire thinks highly of you haha.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head here girl! Just be yourself! It's hard not to have blog envy, but at the end of the day, people want YOU not you pretending or trying to be someone else…they probably already follow that blogger anyway, duplicates are no fun:) Visiting from Friday Favorites!

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