Destination Style


 First and foremost I’d
like to introduce, the website that this beautiful dress came
from.  I was inspired to write this post and
it really struck my creativity.  Firstly
I picked a romantic location from their selection and I went with
Italy because I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and if I could pick a
destination wedding besides Poland it would be Italy.  Next I had to choose THE dress.  I’m not sure as to how I’m going to choose a
dress when my big day finally comes (hopefully before I’m 35 haha) because just
browsing through the website was hard enough. 
Then I came across this dress. 
For my own wedding in the future I want to stay simple with my dress, I
actually want make my dress with my mom and grandmother but that is A LOT of
work that the three of us most likely can’t handle, anyway I want simple.  I want something classy and elegant that I
can pass down to my future daughter.  Anyway
I love the detailing on this dress, it’s absolutely stunning.  I chose sparkly sandals because well, when
that day finally comes for me I will be wearing ruby red slippers like in The
Wizard of Oz, but for this dress I stuck with the gold ones.  Now onto the hair piece.  I saw this ponytail holder that I would most
likely make into a hair accessory.  It’s
vintage and that’s what I love about it, “something old.”

I feel as though with a location like Italy the simpler the
dress the more attention it would attract. 
I know that sounds silly, but think about it.  There’s this extravagant location with most
likely a beautiful reception and in walks in a girl in a simple yet detailed
dress.  I personally think it would be
breathtaking.  That’s why I chose this
particular dress.  It’s something I would
wear (or make if this dream comes true) because it is elegant and has detail.

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