Epilepsy Awareness Month // PURPLE


Hat:  Gucci // Sweater:  Ralph Lauren // Shoes:  Betsey Johnson (Marshalls) // Clutch:  Gifted from Dear Sunny
November is Epilepsy Awareness Month for those of you who don’t know, I am Epileptic.  If you read this post (click here) I talk about living with Epilepsy.  It is a condition I have but it will NEVER define me.  It will NEVER slow me down, and it will NEVER stop me from doing anything.
When I was first diagnosed, I made the mistake of allowing it to stop me from doing everything I wanted to.  I thought of myself as a cripple almost.  There were a lot of tears.  Then something finally clicked in my head.  What the heck am I so upset over?  I am alive, and I do not have a terminal illness.  Yes, it can be a dangerous condition and the condition itself won’t kill you, but what happens because of it can.  I was still alive, and yes life had to change A LOT but I managed.
I have the most supportive family when it comes to being epileptic.  They were there for me for every doctor’s visit, every MRI, every EEG, and for every hospital monitoring.  My dad stayed up with me for 48 hours so that he could make sure I didn’t fall asleep during monitoring.  He sat in the hospital room watching movies and eating peanut M&M’s with me.  My parents and brother have been through a lot since I was diagnosed and I can’t thank them enough for sticking by my side and being the ones to constantly tell me don’t let this define you and everything will work itself out.

P.S.  I’m on a business trip with my 9-5 job so if I’m not responding to emails/comments please don’t think I’m ignoring you!  I will answer all comments and emails when I am able to.


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  1. I love that you are rocking the purple for such a great reason! Keep up your positive attitude! Thanks for joining us again for the Celebrate Southern Linkup! I'm pinning this outfit! 🙂

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