Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial


For this nail art tutorial I actually had to look it up and watch a YouTube tutorial.  You can find that tutorial here.  If you’d like to see my tutorial keep reading!
These are all the polishes I’ve used.  I also used to nail art pens and sponges.  I pretty much used the same things that were in the YouTube tutorial.
Put a little bit of white polish on your sponge and dab it onto your nail.  Only do a little bit so that you have just enough to create the Milky Way effect.

This is where I took the Sinful colors green/blue color and you paint a very light line in the middle of the white.  Then take the makeup sponge and dab it the same way you did with the white.

Thankfully the one nail art pen is two sided so there is an actual polish brush as well.  Paint two sides of the white nebular part of your nail.  Take the makeup sponge and again dab it to blend it so the purple has a very light effect.

Afterwards add stars on the Milky Way nails by either using the nail art pen to make white dots all over, or using the white polish striper to make stars.  After add a glitter nail polish to those nails.  Now, moving on to the ring finger.  Make the little dipper constellation.  Once you make these dots you just connect them as seen below.  Once you are finished, just add the top coat and you’re finished!

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