Purple Scarf and Scala


Hat:  Scala // Scarf:  Gifted // Sweater:  Gucci // Pants:  Burberry Prorsum // Pumps:  Gucci // Clutch:  Gucci
Today for Epilepsy Awareness week I wanted to focus on this
purple scarf and of course this hat. 
First of all this scarf was gifted from a very special friend who I have
known for just about two years now.  She
is such a strong woman with some things that have been going on in her life
this past year.  She actually sent me a
bunch of birthday gifts and I really canโ€™t thank her enough for making me feel
so special on my birthday this year.  I
wanted to show off this awesome scarf because not only do I love scarves, but
itโ€™s purple.  Next to pink, purple is my
second favorite color but itโ€™s probably because itโ€™s the color of the Epilepsy
Awareness ribbon, so I thought it was fitting for this week.
Now as for this hat, I was asked to review it so let me just
explain a few things about it.  Before I do though I want to say that I love it.  It fits my head PERFECTLY and I have such an issue finding hats that fit my awkwardly shaped head.  I love that this hat is not only totally adorable to wear but it also serves a purpose.  We all know that getting your head/hair wet is a huge no no with the rain, so why not get a cute rain hat?  Here’s some information about the company and the hat itself.
Scala Collezione is one of Dorfman Pacific headwear
company’s best selling brands. Consumers seek this popular label because they
know that its designs and value, as well as quality is always reliable and
stylish. Fashion and function merge into one within this collection . There are
hats for women , hats for men and hats for teens.  Dorfman Pacific, over 90 years in business,  is the world’s largest and most diversified hat
company. Its many brands are sold nationally at department and specialty stores
as well as on-line retailers. The company’s design and marketing team works
diligently each season in order to bring an innovative, chic, top quality,
value based collection of brands to the marketplace. Fashionistas, sports
enthusiasts, beach goers, spa lovers and everyone in between will find the
perfect hat in the collection.
The hat I am wearing is a best selling RAINHAT, typically
retailing for about $25. It is available in fashion and classic colors
(including black, charcoal, wine and khaki) that will appeal to varied
preferences, outerwear colors and complexions. This gem sports a 3 inch brim
and is made of nylon. In a one size fits all size, it is perfect for self or
gift purchases.
As the
season changes and wet weather approaches there is good news. Women can still
look stylish and avoid bad hair days by donning this hat. No matter what city
one lives in, there is rain everywhere and wet, inclement weather…so why not
embrace it and enjoy a Scala Collezione hat.  You can purchase this hat here!
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P.S.  I’m on a business trip with my 9-5 job so if I’m not responding to emails/comments please don’t think I’m ignoring you!  I will answer all comments and emails when I am able to.

**This post has been sponsored by Dorfman Pacific, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Loveeee that purple scarf! And again for such a great cause! Thanks for linking up with J and myself for the Celebrate Southern Linkup! I'm pinning this! ๐Ÿ™‚

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