Sound of steel and old box cars


Sweater:  Ralph Lauren // Boots:  Cole Haan (Marshalls) // Necklaces:  Will be availble soon here! // Bag:  Louis Vuitton
Today is my final outfit post of my Epilepsy Awareness
week.  Today I’m showing my support by
wearing these awesome purple boots.  I
must say, they are my favorite boots (besides all of my cowgirl boots).  I’ve finally broken them in and they just
look amazing.  They are definitely a show
stopper and catch the eye.  Believe it or
not I got them at Marshalls.  Marshalls
is my go to for shoes, I don’t really think I buy shoes anywhere else, there
may be the occasional Lord & Taylor or Macy’s, but most of my shoes are
from Marshalls.  I’m a bargain shopper,
and nothing beats getting a pair of Betsey Johnson wedges that have lasted me
three years (and are still fashionable) for $50 as opposed to $100+.  Also, these particular boots were a little
pricier, but they were worth every penny.
Since this is my final post of my Epilepsy Awareness week,
don’t forget to check out the rest of my posts if you haven’t already!
And finally, if you never read my story you can check that
out here.
P.S.  How ridiculous does my hair look?  The wind has been attracted to me these past few weeks because it seems to only blow when I’m adjusting myself to take a picture.
P.P.S.  I’m on a business trip with my 9-5 job so if I’m not responding to emails/comments please don’t think I’m ignoring you!  I will answer all comments and emails when I am able to.

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