Thanksgiving Pants 2 Ways

Well everyone, Thanksgiving is
only a few days away!  What to wear is on a lot of people’s list of things
to figure out besides how to cook a turkey.  Here I decided to take one
pair of pants and dress them up differently.  I wanted to give those of you who have no
idea what to wear a few options this week. 
I chose more comfortable and less revealing outfits, so I will not have
any skirts or dresses because well, I hate tights especially around the
holidays.  If I’m going to have a food
baby, that thing has to breathe! 
Leggings would totally win over tights any day.  Anywhoo, here I have one pair of pants which
are lose so they won’t be cutting off the circulation to my stomach when I eat
too much and I won’t have to unbutton myself until my bloat goes away.  A cardigan or blazer are perfect because when
you sit down or even when you stand up you can easily cover yourself.  Of course you can’t forget some of the most
important parts of your outfit and those are the accessories.  I went with a regular black patent pump and
paired it with a cute little clutch/bag along with some statement pieces.

Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren // Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Pumps:  Gucci // Necklace:  Unkown // Bag:  Gucci
I really love the detail on the
pant leg around the ankle.  I look at
little details, and I love when there is something different about an article
of clothing.  I love that this whole
outfit is a very safe color to wear but yet the accessories make the outfit
that much better.  This necklace in
particular will be listed at Ewa Bazaar soon so keep an eye out for it!

Blazer:  Ralph Lauren // Pants:  Ralph Lauren // Pumps:  Gucci // Necklace:  Unkown // Bag:  Gucci
I love love love a good
blazer.  I have so many blazers in my
closet it’s kind of sickening.  I feel as
though they give a very tailored look but they can be worn casually or
professionally.  You can easily take this
blazer and wear it to Thanksgiving dinner and then come Monday when it’s time
to go back to the office you can dress it up a little more and look like you’re
ready to tackle those Monday blues!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Pants 2 Ways”

  1. Every woman needs some camel trousers. Yours are lovely and so modern. Love both outfits. The monochrome look is understated yet elegant and you made it fun by wearing a gorgeous statement necklace. I love them paired (even more) with the tailored blue blazer though. Did you pair two necklaces on that outfit?

    I am all about remixing my clothes and wearing something at least two different ways. Check out my similar post today. Thanks.

    And Monica, Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family!!

    <3 Ada.

  2. I can't decide if I like the head-to-toe khaki better, or if I like the look of the RL jacket better? Both are great Thanksgiving holiday looks! Thanks for sharing and for joining up with Celebrate Southern this week! xoxo

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