Yoga And Exercise Having Difference

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Yoga And Exercise Having Difference
If you are thinking of
enrolling in a certain form of exercise with the objective of making yourself
feel and look better you should consider yoga exercises. In this article, I am
going to discuss why Yoga and other exercises are different.
Different Objectives/Goals
Even though Yoga is a type
or form of an exercise, it offers much more than what you’d get from a normal
physical exercise. While most exercises e.g. weight lifting and running aims to
achieve weight loss or to develop a stronger body, yoga is more of a holistic
approach to develop body and mind awareness that can increase the quality of
A Spiritual Practice
Yoga is sometimes defined
as a spiritual exercise or practice. It was first started in India around 6,000
years ago and is grounded on an antediluvian philosophy that combines several
routines and concepts. Unlike, the usual exercises which purely follow the
principles of physical training, yoga involves breath control,
self-reflections, meditations and practices of physical postures that create
flexibility, strength and the ability to fully concentrate. Yoga focuses on
body, soul and mind concurrently, while exercises basically seeks to improve
the body
Invigorating Vrs Calming
Yoga exercises also known
as postures or asanas are usually applied to the whole anatomy of a living
body, while normal exercises often concentrates on a particular part of the
body. Additionally, yoga aims to eliminate pain and reduce stress as well as
improving the internal body functions. Yoga exercises usually develop a flow
between each posture with the main aim of helping you release tightness in the
muscles and regain your energy. The combination of steady breaths and a fluid
chain of movements enable your muscles to receive oxygen and mind to remain
concentrated hence, making you feel calm and relaxed.
Flexibility Vrs Strength
Exercises are very
effective in developing strong muscles. However, muscles development can cause
shortened muscles, making you inflexible. This is particularly common with
weight training, as it draws and develops huge muscle mass away from the bone.
Yoga on the other hand, supports skeleton by evenly pulling muscle mass onto
the bone. Asanas or yoga postures develop strong and lean muscles which are
usually caused by the stretching, twisting and bending of the body. Asanas
lengthens and tones your muscles and develops muscle strength by using the body
as a weight.
The Benefits
Yoga has some benefits
that can’t be achieved or compared with the benefits/achievements attained from
exercises. The twists and bends experienced in yoga massage usually helps
digestion and internal functions, while the numerous poses causes the different
glands in the body to activate the endocrine system in the body resulting to a
balanced hormonal levels. Yoga also improves the respiratory process by
promoting correct breathing practices as well as reducing stress by calming the
nervous system.
So if you are searching
for a type of an exercise that works effectively on both the mind and the body,
and one that can easily fit to your daily routine, then yoga is the exercise
for you Its ever increasing popularity means that you are likely to find a gym
or a yoga center offering yoga classes in your area.

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