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I started rebranding my Etsy shop.  I have to rename it as well because I won’t be selling just jars anymore.  I’ve decided to take my love for fashion and accessories and start branching out into other crafty things.  Needless to say I turned to wire and gems.  These will be listed in the shop starting this weekend if all goes well.  I’m also hoping to make some more as well so I have an assortment! 

Cooking in Heels Event

So I went to this event yesterday called Cooking in Heels
with Bloomingdales and Nadia Murdock from Nadia Murdock Fit.  Stay tuned for a recap of this event!

Walking Dead Mid Season Finale

Ok so where do I even begin with this?  I will not be spoiling it for everyone (I
know some people wait for it to be out on Netflix) but for those of you who
watched it already that was crazy right?! 
I’m not only upset about what happened in the mid season finale but I’m
also upset that I have to wait until February to watch it again.  Oh, also, for those of you who have seen it
don’t give out any spoiler alerts in the comments, I want to be fair to
everyone, but I also wanted to share that I’m in shock.

Saw long distance friend

Last weekend I saw an old friend for the first time in over
a year.  He and I have been friends for
quite some time, but with the job that he has he gets to reside in Florida.  He was in NY visiting family so I decided to
set a date with him.  Needless to say it
was entertaining and fun.  We saw The
Theory of Everything (the Stephen Hawking movie) and it was so good!  Highly recommend seeing that movie even if
you aren’t a cosmos nerd like me.


I’m getting my hair done again tomorrow.  Hopefully this will be the last and final step to going completely blonde.  Or at least second to last step.  I just want to be blonde already so I can go out and buy extensions.  This whole having short hair is fun, but I want to be able to switch it up a little bit, and it’s winter so my neck is starting to get a little cold, even WITH a scarf.  Plus, I’ll have long blonde hair like Barbie.  I don’t care what anyone says about Barbie she’s the bomb dot com.  I know a lot of people out there complain that her body measurements if you make them into human measurements are impossible and what message Barbie is sending to little girls.  Honestly, the message I got as a child was, I behaved like a good girl so mom and dad bought me a doll to play with.  I never felt that I had to be as skinny as Barbie or as blonde as Barbie.  We need to look back at the history of Barbie.  Think of the time era.  Barbie was started by Ruth Handler back in 1959.  Now think back at what was going on in 1959.  WW2 ended just 14 years prior to 1959.  If you’re an American History person back in 1957 just two years before Barbie the Little Rock Nine happened.  Women were mostly housewives back then.  For Ruth to make a doll that would become so successful to this day in 2014 55 years later is a huge deal.  If anything women should be proud of Barbie.  Ruth Handler was an amazing example of female empowerment.  She may not have given us a right to vote, but she sure as heck started a mini movement all on her own.  In my opinion her story is inspiring.  She was an average woman who took an idea and built an empire.  Wow, I love how my last part of Five for Friday started with me becoming blonde and ended with a rant about Barbie.  OH TGIF!

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