5 for Friday

It’s Friday! 
Yippee!  That means I am so much
closer to so many things!  This weekend
is going to be extremely hectic and I must say, I like staying busy.  At first when I stated this blog and my Etsy
shop (while working full time) I was very overwhelmed.  I thought, wow I must be seriously crazy for
juggling all of these things, but I started organizing and being more responsible
with my time.  I invested in a day to day
calendar and I write down everything and I even have it color coded so I know
which days I have some down time.  It’s
also in my purse at all times.  Why don’t
we talk about some things that I have going on!


I get to see my blogger bestie this weekend!!!!  I’m so excited, we are going out to dinner
(oh you fancy, huh) and we are going to do a gift exchange and a Christmas
cookie exchange.  I cannot wait for her
to see her presents and baked goods.  I
also can’t wait for the food because the menu looks delicious.  This will be the fifth and last time I see
Ellen this year eekk!  We met at Lucky
FABB NYC last year, kept in touch, and decided just because we live 3 hours
apart doesn’t mean we can’t meet halfway. 
So in February we met for the first time.  Since then we’ve gone wine tasting, apple
picking, got lost in a corn maze then took blogger pictures, and ate lots of
food.  This girl has become my best
friend in real life too, we talk almost every day and send obnoxiously ugly
selfies to each other, we purposely make ourselves look as terrible as possible
just for a good laugh.  So, my official
countdown is 2 days!!!!!
Christmas Baking

I have been baking so many things for Christmas.  I think my parents are going to gain weight just
by being my taste testers, or maybe not because I’ve been trying to find
healthy alternatives to all of my recipes. 
For example using wheat/gluten free flour instead of all purpose, or
even using half of the sugar that the recipes call for.  What gets me is that it is still too
sweet.  I think it’s because a lot of
baked goods that I’ve eaten over the years have been Polish and Polish sweets
are nowhere near as sweet as a lot of American sweets.  Well at least most of them so I think my
taste buds are just used to not having something be super sweet.  Although I can’t resist a Danish (I’m a
sucker for a good cheese Danish), donut croissant (have you tried these from
Dunkin Donuts yet?!  OH EM GEE!) or ice
cream cake because of the crunchy caramel goodness in the center.  That’s the best part.  I actually eat the ice cream first and save
that part for last.

Or should I say Baaaaston as my brother likes to correct me
sometimes for some giggles.  I might be
visiting Boston next weekend if there’s no snow so please please please cross
your fingers for me everyone!  I love going
to Boston and I’ve seen pictures of some of the Christmas decorations and it
just looks so pretty.  I love Boston in
general but I’ve never been around Christmas time so me and my little black
beauty of a car are going to trek all the way up there and hope for no snow!

Grand Reopening

I was so excited for my grand reopening at my Etsy shop.  I completely rebranded and now,
not only do I sell mason jar home décor, but I sell bangles as well.  More bangles will be listed this weekend but
if you aren’t following my Etsy shop account on Instagram (@lillyinpinkshop)
above are pictures you missed this week! 
Also, just to let you know, the 15% off coupon code expires on Sunday,
so go place your orders and use code GRANDREOPENING at checkout.

^^Extensions and my hair yipee

If you follow my blogging Instagram (@jerseygirltexanheart)
you already know that I went completely blonde AND bought blonde
extensions.  I only have one outfit post
to showcase with my blonde hair that will go up next week, but the rest probably
won’t go up until after the new year.  I’m
really excited for my color, but I’m not too excited about the damage that was
done in the process.  I have some masks
and deep conditioning treatments at home, but if anyone has suggestions on how
to keep your hair healthier after coloring please let me know.  They had to go extra strong on my hair since
I have henna and it doesn’t take so my ends are still not the color I want them
to be, but hey I have the ombre effect I always wanted!  Plus I haven’t colored my hair for a few years so I don’t know what new products they have out there now.

Oh and a side note!  To all of my bloggers out there, if you have anything that has to do with the holidays whether it be a recipe, outfit, gift guide, home decor, ANYTHING, come join me for a Holiday Traditions link up on Monday!  The post goes live at 5am so you can start linking up them.  Don’t forget to mingle with the other bloggers who link up!

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  1. Your hair looks great! I did blonde ombre over the summer and I know exactly what you mean about not being excited about the damage. I went back to brunette and I'm still dealing with the damage! Have fun with your blogger bestie this weekend!

    <3, Pamela

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